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Ah, homeschooling. Glorious homeschooling.

We love it, right?

There are so very many advantages to offering our children a home education.

However, there are a few disadvantages.

I will just go ahead and be the first to admit one of those disadvantages.

Sometimes, I just want to be alone. But, I can’t. Because we homeschool.

Let’s face it. Homeschooling does not produce an environment conducive to spending the day alone.

Yes, I know. This is the path we have chosen. And most of the time I am good with it.

But. There are those days I need to be alone.

I just want a little peace and quiet.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my children. But I wouldn’t describe them as peaceful and quiet.

So, here are a few of my suggestions for getting that well deserved alone time. See if one works for you.

How to Get ‘Me Time’ While Homeschooling

Homeschool Me Time Tip #1: Designate some alone time.

I know, it’s just about impossible. But if you can steal a little time away from the kids, then do it. Do it!

Has someone offered to babysit, but you’re all, “thanks, but no thanks”. Does grandma want the kids to visit for a few days? Is there a neighbor that wants to bake cookies with your precious offspring? Pay attention to these opportunities and go for it.

In general, I have found homeschoolers to be strong, independent do-it-your-selfers. Sometimes we look right passed the help being offered because we are so used to doing everything ourselves. I get it. I do.

But, if there is a saint who has volunteered to babysit…let them.

Homeschool Me Time Tip #2: Join a gym with childcare.

Sure, you can go workout while the kiddos stay in the play area.

Or…you could go hide in the locker room and massage the bulging disk in your neck for twenty minutes without interruption.

Or read a book or magazine. Or shop online. Or paint your toenails.

Take advantage of the opportunity. And refuse to feel bad about it.


Homeschool Me Time Tip #3: Take the kids to church and leave them in the nursery.

(I do not recommend painting your nails in the church bathroom during this time.)

Homeschool Me Time Tip #4: Sign your children up for a team/group/club and then leave.

That’s right. Drop them off. (If it’s a safe, trusted environment.)  Don’t stay and watch their every move! They need some space and so do you.

Homeschoolers get into the habit of experiencing every little thing there is to experience with our children. I mean, really, we know their every breath. That’s a good thing.

But if you need some alone time, it’s okay to skip out on viewing their hour-long karate/ballet/art class.

It will take some getting used to for you and them. Just try it.

Homeschool Me Time Tip #5: Run away from home.

Ideally, we want to be at home alone. You know, so we can browse Facebook without feeling guilty. Or maybe take a shower with the bathroom door open. Or eat a whole container of ice cream without having to share it.

But we may just have to wait until Daddy gets home (or the babysitter shows up) to do this.

And sometimes we need to get outta the house. Do you feel like you need to do something or go somewhere when there’s a sitter?

That may not be what we need though. We may just need to chill. Here are a few (mostly free) ideas.

• Try going to the library without the kids. (I know. It’s mind blowing.)

• Try going to the park without the kids. You don’t even have to brush your teeth to do this. Just take a little walk – alone.

• Grab a coffee and your journal and sit in your car/van in the park. Relax in a reclined position.

• Listen to songs you would never let your children listen to. (So scandalous!)

• Do you have a DVD player in the van (or a laptop)? Watch a movie by yourself. Yes, in the van. I repeat: Watch a movie by yourself in your van in the park.

A little unconventional thinking goes a long way when we’re desperate.

So, maybe consider one of these options the next time you are desperate to be alone.

I may or may not have tried them all.

I may or may not be writing this as I sit in the park with a Frosty from Wendy’s.


Angelene Woodard is a wife, mother, writer, and reluctant homeschooler who blogs about her frustrations and victories at www.unqualifiedmom.com where she encourages fellow Christians to embrace their weakness and accept His strength.


affiliate links are used in this post

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