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DIY Taco Bar and Craft with Dragons Love Tacos

Dragon Craft Theme Party with Dragons Love Tacos

Looking for a great dragon craft for a dragon theme party? Check this out: What is it about dragons that leaves little ones filled with wonder and delight? Their lizard-like appearance? Or, their fiery tempers? Their love of a…

Homeschool Evaluation Checklist for Year End (You Might Be Surprised)

Homeschool Evaluation Checklist for Year End

We made it. Another homeschool year is now complete and it’s time for your homeschool evaluation checklist. First, it is time to lay down the curriculum for a couple of months and relax. Of course, we will insist on reading…

6 Amazing Things You're Missing at Your Local Library

6 Amazing Things You’re Missing at Your Local Library

Looking for the best homeschool resources? Here are two words for you: Local Library. (Stop rolling your eyes. I know you already know about the local library.) Seriously, we are homeschoolers. But, do you know about everything your local library…

Summer Fun Educational Activities

Simple Summer Fun Educational Activities

Summer is fast approaching! While my children and I are enjoying the first couple weeks of our summer vacation, I’m still looking for some summer fun educational activities. Summer vacation for us is merely a time when we steer…