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Karen McLain

Unschooling Doesn't Work (At Least Not the Way You Think)

Unschooling Doesn’t Work the Way You Think

There is no rule book or “particular way of unschooling.” So, if you are looking for that, you are going to be very disappointed.  That doesn’t mean there is no order, rhyme or reason, or way for you to…

Tips to Make Homeschooling Alone Easier

Homeschooling Alone Without A Spouse

There are a few outstanding parents out there in the world of homeschooling who are educating their children alone. And they are a special kind of amazing. Unique challenges are faced when homeschooling already. But, when you are homeschooling…

5 Must Have Organization Tools

Must-Have Homeschool Organization Tools

Homeschooling can be a bit crazy because there is so much stuff to keep track of and store. It can be super duper frustrating to find places to store all of your papers, books, pencils, and everything else. Not…

Online Homeschooling Curriculum for Working Moms

Homeschool Curriculum For Working Moms | Online Homeschool

Finding the perfect homeschooling curriculum for a working mom is a difficult task. It’s hard enough to choose a homeschool curriculum for all moms, but working moms often make the decision to homeschool because of an urgent need to…