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Gillian Nichols

The Homeschool Curriculum Curse: Are You Just Addicted to Change?

The Homeschool Curriculum Curse

Do you find yourself changing homeschool curriculum on a regular basis? Have you ever considered that you just like that feeling you get from change? Here’s how I discovered my addiction to curriculum change… Seventh grade is, as we…

How to Become Traveling Homeschoolers When You Can't Travel (Yet)

Traveling Homeschoolers | Around the World in Homeschool

We’d love to travel the globe as traveling homeschoolers with our daughters. I dream about waking up in our London flat to a heart attack-inducing breakfast followed by a quick jaunt over to Buckingham for a spot of tea with…

Words of Encouragement for Women Who Homeschool

Words of Encouragement for Women Who Homeschool

I have an important message and words of encouragement for women who homeschool. This message must be delivered to homeschool moms by a homeschool mom. Because, honestly, who else is ever gonna step up and tell you? Who else…

Why Homeschooling Is Better

Why Homeschooling Is Better

Why I attempt to write a blog about why homeschooling is better on an evening after a stressful day is a bit of a mystery, except for the very fact that I want this post to be real. I want you…