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kids' activities | FREE (FUN) Things to Do With Kids

FREE Kids’ Activities for Fun Family Time

Let’s face it, kids’ activities can get pricey! Regardless of your family’s financial situation, raising a well-rounded child who is involved in a variety of activities can put a strain on the family budget. Whether you have the next…

Homeschool Classifieds | 8 Creative Places to Find CHEAP, Used Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Classifieds | Used Homeschool Curriculum for Sale

Did you know that there’s an entire homeschool classifieds area online where you can find used homeschool curriculum for sale? (Or, even sell your own used homeschool curriculum?) Life as homeschooling moms and dads definitely has its challenges. Everything…

National Days | Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

National Days | Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Attention! Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun Holidays alert!  March 26th is one of those special national days because it’s Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. How cool is that? (And, kind of a crazy holiday!) So, What Makes Up National…