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when did education become compulsory in the us

History of Homeschooling

If you’re homeschooling (or thinking about homeschooling), you may be wondering about the history of homeschooling. How did homeschooling get started? Why wasΒ homeschoolingΒ illegal? When did homeschooling become legal (again)? To understand where homeschooling is today, you must first take…

Make A Totem Pole

Native American Activities | Totem Pole Project

My daughter is learning about states. Recently, she was studying Alaska, which covered some information on Indigenous People for that area. This piqued her interest and so she asked to learn more about the Native culture there. This is…

free typing for beginners

Best Free Typing Lessons for Kids

Let’s face it, your kid needs to learn typing. And, the earlier you start during their schooling, the better. (You know, before they cement their keyboarding skills with pesky texting habits.) When I was a kid (back when we…