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new homeschool mom

Dear Homeschool Group

Dear Homeschool Group: Hey, it’s me. I’m the one in the corner playing on my phone because I’m new here. I said “hi” when I came in, but you were all too busy in your group to notice. I…

summer reading programs

11 Summer Reading Programs for Free Stuff

My daughter just started to get into reading. I was an avid child reader (and now a writer), so I have had a hard time not pushing my interests onto her during homeschooling. “What do you mean you don’t…

I Miss Libraries Homeschooling

Dear Library: I Miss You

Want to hear something terrifying? I once had to tell a librarian that a dog ate my homework book. And, this wasn’t just any librarian, this was the woman who had previously thrown me out of the library for whisper…

busy bags for learning homeshool

Busy Bags for Busting Boredom

One weekend, I spent a Saturday morning creating an entire bin of “busy bags” for (my then) five year old. In the brown paper lunch bags, I placed several items that I found around the house and stapled each bag…