Top 5 Best Things To Have for Homeschool (That You Probably Didn't Think About)

Top 5 Best Things To Have for Homeschool Rooms

If you're setting up your homeschool classroom (or giving it a makeover), you may be wondering about the best things to have for homeschool? Each year we get excited thinking about our homeschool rooms, right? Even if we don’t have a dedicated homeschool room, we dream or debate having one. If I'm just making... read more →
Best School Supplies List to Engage Boys

Best School Supplies List for Homeschooling Boys

If you homeschool boys, you might find that a school supplies list geared specifically for them works wonders. At least that's what I found... As nerdy as it may sound, I have always gotten this immense enjoyment out of purchasing office supplies. As a young student, I remember getting ridiculously... read more →
60 Second Homeschooling | Fun Facts for Kids About Ketchup

60 Second Homeschooling | Fun Facts About Ketchup

Here are some fun facts about ketchup: Or, is it catsup? Huh. Catsup versus Ketchup According to some reports, it's really ketchup (which is disappointing since I've spent my entire adult life writing catsup). You see, "ketchup comes from the Hokkien Chinese word, kê-tsiap, the name of a sauce derived... read more →