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Teaching Empathy and Compassion

Teaching Empathy and Compassion

One thing we focus on in homeschooling is teaching empathy and compassion. Homeschooling is an enormous, weighty responsibility. We spend countless hours researching curriculum or planning the perfect science experiment. Then, we join homeschool co-ops and practically live at…

RV Life Homeschooling | Homes Is Where the RV Is

RV Life | Home is Where the RV Is

Even while living the RV life,  the word “home” still conjures up specific images, smells, feelings and sounds. My daddy makes pancakes while it’s still dark outside. The bus honks a warning. My mom plays the piano while we slip off…

5 Reasons to Visit US National Parks While RVing

5 Reasons to Visit US National Parks While RVing

Our US National Parks system is an incredible, priceless gift to the world. If you aren’t visiting them, you’re really missing out. State parks are definitely awe-inspiring as well. Make time for these treasures as you traverse our nation’s…

Lessons Learned Homeschooling While Traveling the United States

Life Lessons from Homeschooling in an RV

We dabbled in homeschool a few weeks before we hit the road. We’d never done it before. Sure, we read to the girls at bedtime and took them to the library and helped the eldest with homework, but homeschooling…