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Contributor Lisa Yankey

Online Homeschooling Curriculum for Working Moms

Homeschool Curriculum For Working Moms | Online Homeschool

Finding the perfect homeschooling curriculum for a working mom is a difficult task. It’s hard enough to choose a homeschool curriculum for all moms, but working moms often make the decision to homeschool because of an urgent need to…

Foreign Language for Homeschool

Foreign Language for Homeschool

Even though homeschooling is growing in popularity each year, most Americans were taught in public school, by people who were taught in public school, by other people who were taught in public school. We, as a society, never experienced…

Lessons for Christmas Around the World

Christmas Lesson Plans for Foreign Language

Holidays are such a great time to have some foreign language Christmas fun. You can enjoy studying other languages and cultures. Nobody’s in the mood to do regular work, so it can help keep everyone motivated and working hard…