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Homeschool Blogger Gillian Nichols

Gillian Nichols

Gillian homeschools her two daughters and focuses on the funny in life through imperfection over at her family’s blog: Grateful for Jesus and deodorant, she loves talking to anyone about the correct meat to cheese ratio in tacos. Follow…

Homeschool Writer Jesse Murphy

Jesse Murphy

I am a single mom from the remote foothills of Northern California. I work from home doing occasional virtual assistant and freelance blogging work. This is my second year homeschooling my very spirited son and we are trying to…

Homeschool Writer Karen McLain

Karen McLain

Karen McLain is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and daughter of the King.…

Anita Byler Littlemomentsgreatjoy

Anita Byler

Anita Byler, also known as Little Moments Great Joy, is a homeschooling mom. Her blog covers the life of a homeschooling mom of three – embracing small moments – simple life – good books – and coffee. Life isn’t…