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Homeschooling is something I planned to do as a mom since I was 12 years old when I first became homeschooled. I had this amazing plan all set in my head: I would have a hardworking husband who was onboard with homeschooling. We’d have a room dedicated to doing our schooling with desks, a large white board, pin board, and one of those vintage globes. I imagined that my kids would be super smart, kind, artistic, and have the sweetest little personalities and the best manners.

No other possibilities ever crossed my mind.

That was the life I hoped I would have and fully intended on having. But, life doesn’t always go the way we plan or the way we want. I never (in my wildest dreams) thought I would become a single mom of one. However, I decided not to waiver from my plans of homeschooling. There was no way I’d do something else. I knew it would be a huge struggle, but I would make it work as best as I could. With no support from family or friends, but with my heart full of hope and excitement, last year we began the journey.

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Challenges for Single Parent Homeschooling

Preparing for the right grade/learning level.

Kindergarten was a lot more challenging than I thought. I remembered kindergarten as being mostly arts and crafts, story time, and playing on the jungle gym. I didn’t expect math books, writing books, and science to be a part of a kindergarteners lesson plan. But, I guess the times have changed and so we bravely faced the challenges.

Our first year went fairly well and we now have our second year underway.


Scheduling around working.

Trying to schedule our school time has been a bit difficult as I don’t keep a normal schedule. I am up until about 4 a.m. and wake up around 2 p.m. each day. We usually try to sit down and start school around 3 or 4 p.m., which can be especially challenging because my child is not thrilled to take a break from his video games or to stop playing with his friends next door (who just got home from public school).

It takes quite a bit out of me to get my son to sit down and be ready to learn on my schedule. So, working around a non-traditional schedule can be a huge challenge as a single homeschooling parent.

Budgeting with a single income.

Homeschooling as a single mom also comes with the challenge of affording curriculum on a very low income. One of the biggest struggles is finding a curriculum that I can afford, so I have to get creative about resources.

One of the best resources I have found so far is a fantastic company called Educents. This site offers affordable books, learning games, programs, and loads of free or low priced printables for homeschooling. They even have special curricula for kids with special needs like Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders (which is super awesome)! You earn points or *Edubucks* with every purchase and you can use those bucks towards future purchases, another big way to save! I really love this site so I had to give it a shout out!

Lacking support.

I firmly believe in homeschooling and that it is the best option for my son. I know that no matter how difficult it may be, I won’t give up. However, it’s not always easy when you’re doing it alone with no support. I sometimes have to take time-outs to cry and feel the frustration.

My son has behavioral problems and doesn’t always cooperate with me, but I fight to make sure he’s getting as much as he can out of our lessons every day. It’s hard to be on your own and try to make it work. I have to remind myself daily that I know I can do this and I know it’s what’s right.

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Homeschooling as a single parent has many challenges. Some of the best ways I have managed these specific challenges are by my own sheer willpower. Although I never thought I would be a single, stay-at-home mom, every day I am thankful that despite the challenges I can still be the amazing homeschooling mom I always dreamed of being. (Well, sort of!)


Hey, I’m Jesse Murphy. I’m a single mom to my very spirited son. I have a blog called On Your Own, But Never Alone. The goal for my blog is to bring support, advice, tips and encouragement to fellow single moms and momprenuers. I also do occasional freelance blogging and I have also had my own business as a virtual assistant. Homeschooling is something I’m passionate about and firmly believe in. I’d love to connect with other homeschooling parents and moms who are rocking it! Please follow me Instagram and Twitter!


affiliate links are used in this post

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