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Did you know that there’s an entire homeschool classifieds area online where you can find used homeschool curriculum for sale? (Or, even sell your own used homeschool curriculum?)

Life as homeschooling moms and dads definitely has its challenges. Everything from fighting with the kids to sit down for school time, crazy schedules, outside of the house activities such as sports, friends, family and more.

It can all be so stressful and difficult to manage!

And, finding and affording homeschool curriculum is one of the biggest challenges homeschoolers face!

(If it isn’t, then I want to know your secrets!)

To make this huge obstacle a lot less difficult, and give you all a much easier way to find your next set of books or whatever your kids may need, I have put together this list of the best places to find used homeschool curriculum!

Think of it as kind of your own homeschool classifieds list!

What Is Curriculum?

If you’re new to homeschooling, you may be wondering “What is a homeschool curriculum?”

A homeschool curriculum is a set of lessons that are used to teach a specific topic or a set of topics.

Curricula can be in textbooks, workbooks, projects, unit studies, and even online courses.

Homeschool curricula can vary in pricing and offerings.

Why Buy Used Homeschool Curriculum?

You might be asking, “Why would I want used homeschooling stuff?”

Well, don’t think of it so much as used but more like previously viewed.

Do you remember the days of Blockbuster Video?

I certainly do!

(Sheds a tear for the good ole’ days . . .)

Anyway, back then you would go to your local Blockbuster, and check out movies, right?

Those movies were previously viewed by other people–they had it, watched it, then returned it, and then you checked it out!

Think of used curriculum sort of like that, just with books instead of movies, and no need to return when you’re finished.

(Oh, and no cheap king-sized candy, popcorn or the cute friendly guy working behind the counter.)

(Where was I going with this?)


Anyway, used curriculum is one of the best ways to provide your kids with the best books and for a much lower cost than buying brand new.

Most of the material you find is in top condition, and many sellers will have the items marked with their condition and if there are any tears, missing pages, or pen marks, etc. So, feel confident that you will find what you’re looking for, or something new altogether, for the right price and in good condition.

So without further ado, let’s get into this list!

Bookmark these links for all your future homeschool shopping!

8 Creative Places to Find CHEAP, Used Homeschool Curriculum

8 Creative Places to Find CHEAP, Used Homeschool Curriculum

Used Homeschool Curriculum #1 | Homeschool Classifieds

Did you know that there is an actual site for homeschool classifieds?

(And it is fantastic!)

I only just discovered Homeschool Classifieds and it has all kinds of neat things for homeschoolers, mostly all used and for good prices!

I was surprised at some of the things currently for sale (for example a lot of ABeka curriculum!).

Homeschool classifieds is basically just a homeschool classifieds site similar to Craigslist, but for everything homeschool.

All items are marked with their condition, what’s included, and the price.

I’m sure you will find great deals here!

Used Homeschool Curriculum #2 | Homeschool Sales

Did you know that there are actual homeschool curriculum sales?

These sales are usually a mix of vendors selling their new curriculum and homeschool parents selling their used books and curricula.

For example, Indiana Association of Home Educators lists out homeschool sales for their area.

Just search the internet for “homeschool sales [your state or city]” to see what’s available near you.

Used Homeschool Curriculum #3 | Facebook

Yes, Facebook has homeschool curriculum sales and homeschool classifieds!

Facebook has tons of places for buying and selling used curriculum, so don’t be wary, it’s a treasure trove!

There are many Facebook groups for homeschoolers, including ones specifically for buying and selling curriculum.

(Plus I probably don’t need to mention all the other benefits of homeschool Facebook groups, they are cool, right?)

My favorite group for finding used curriculum is Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace.


Used Homeschool Curriculum #4 |Used Curriculum Yahoo Group

The Yahoo Used Curriculum Group, much like Facebook, is a good place to find deals on things people are selling.

There are over 4,000 members and the group looks pretty active so I would be checking this group out and join for sure!

Used Homeschool Curriculum #5 | eBay

Yep, you can’t forget good old eBay for homeschool shopping!

I personally shop for like everything on eBay, so it gets a big thumbs up from me! You can find just about anything you need for a reduced price and sometimes even free shipping on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

Some good tips for the best eBay experience is to make sure the seller has good reviews and at least a 4+ star rating.

Also, double check to make sure the item is coming from somewhere in your country. International sellers will try to grab your attention with the lowest prices, but it’s not always worth it.

You also want the make sure your materials will be in English (or your native language) and not something else!

Used Homeschool Curriculum #6 | Amazon and Bookstores

Don’t forget about bookstore clearance sections for your homeschool curriculum needs.

There are often deeply discounted textbooks, workbooks, and other books you can use for homeschool learning right in the clearance sections of your favorite bookstores or on online bookstores.

(Also, check out used bookstores in your area!)

Amazon.com also has a used book option that can save you money on homeschool curriculum and books.

Get Saxon Math on Amazon (AFFILIATE)You may or may not have noticed, but when you look at books on Amazon, there is a tab for “Other Sellers.”

For example, you can get this homeschool math by Saxon curriculum for new on Amazon, or cheaper from other sellers under the “Other Sellers” tab under books on Amazon.

Just like eBay, pay close attention to the descriptions and “wear and tear” and condition from the other sellers.

You definitely don’t want to purchase something cheaper, but not be able to use it because it’s in such poor condition.

Used Homeschool Curriculum #7 | Thrift Shops

Thrift shops (like Goodwill) can be a treasure trove of homeschool curricula, workbooks, textbooks, and other learning tools because many people just donate their items when they are finished with them.

You can often find textbooks that may be $100 for a dollar or two!

Used Homeschool Curriculum #8 | Yard Sales

Yard sales can also be another awesome place to find  homeschool curriculum and textbooks (and people sell their entire sets of encyclopedias all the time, which are great for homeschooling!).

Make it a day of fun and search and you might just be surprised what you find to help in your studies!


I hope you will have a stress free time finding all your curriculum needs!

Feel free to leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite new discovery and please give this post a share if you found it helpful!


Jesse Murphy is a single mom to my very spirited 7-year-old son. They are from the remote countryside of Northern California and in our second year of homeschooling. She writes a blog for single moms called “On Your Own, But Never Alone” that provides, support, tips, advice and more for fellow single moms and moms who work from home.

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