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I have heard about families with different age children starting off their homeschool day with a morning time, circle time or power hour. During this time the children all come together to learn a common subject. Some families start their day off with a bible study, story time or a subject like art/music. This sounds like such a neat idea! However, I felt like this is something that my son and I could NEVER do because being an only homeschooled child our morning time would look just like us doing our normal school work.

The more I thought about setting this special time aside to do something like this, the more I figured it was pointless. Then, one day I was skimming through my podcast lists and I came upon Pam Barnhill’s Morning Basket podcast. Morning Basket is just another name for morning time or circle time. I started listening to her podcast. (She is seriously amazing and you should TOTALLY subscribe to her podcasts!) I was learning about what everyone did for their morning time and I knew that I had to somehow make it work for our family.

After TONS of reading and research, I figured out that we could do this and it would be amazing for us. Now, we have been incorporating morning time for the past 2 months and let me tell you we LOVE it. My son is disappointed on the days that we are schooling and don’t do a morning time for whatever reason.

Homeschool Morning Basket Ideas

Some of you might be wondering what we do during our morning time. It changes day by day based on what our day is going to be or what we are learning or even if my son asked to learn something in particular. We use our morning time as a “catch all” time. This means things that I want to teach my child that doesn’t necessarily have a subject or it could be something that doesn’t really fit in but is a life lesson.

Here are some ideas for morning basket time that we use:

• Scripture reading and prayer for the day

• A story that my son picks out

• Our “life lesson” time (address, phone number, tying shoes, table manners, zipping a jacket, etc.)

• Subject of choice (music, art, drawing)

• Color time

• Watch a fun video in Greek (our second language at home) or another foreign language

• Mom’s choice (usually a hobby of mine which is baking, sewing, or anything I want to share with my son)


Homeschool Morning Time Topics

Examples of topics that can be covered are:

The Drawing Book for Kids: 365 Daily Things to Draw, Step by Step (AFFILIATE)

• Bible study

• Table manners

• Art

• Music

• Learning their address and/or phone


• Tying shoes

• Zipping or buttoning a jacket



• Foreign language

• Teaching them something you LOVE!

We try to keep our morning time a little more relaxed and easy going. We have done our morning basket or circle time outside or even while in bed! We have also had to move our morning time at the end of the day! Just because I call it “morning time” doesn’t mean it has to be done only in the morning. Some families might find this more relaxed time is best if done at the end of their day.

Homeschool morning time is really whatever you want to make of it.  For my son and me, it has been a lot of fun and we have learned so much about each other. It is a fun and relaxing environment where everyone can learn! No matter how many children you have, homeschool morning time, circle time, power hour, or whatever you want to call it can be a fun time for all!

Keep on rocking, homeschool families!!


Nancy Parcels is a wife to a chef, Christian mom, homeschool educator, naturalist and lover of literature.  She is obsessed with homeschool podcasts, herbs and books. Follow Nancy on Instagram at Nancy Athanasia Parcels (@grk_itl_homeschoolingmama) • Instagram photos and videos and Facebook.


affiliate links are used in this post

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