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Well, it’s safe to say we are right smack in the middle of the holidays.

If your schedule is anything like mine, then you are probably anticipating the next few weeks with glee (and maybe a little dread?).

This time of year is crammed with an overwhelming amount of activities, parties, and errands. There is additional cooking and decorating. Travel may even be a part of your holiday.

There are special projects. Special fieldtrips. Special parties. Special theatrical performances. Special recipes. Special crafts. Special . . . blah blah blah.

In addition, we have all the regular day-to-day responsibilities. The dog must still be walked. The laundry still has to be washed. We’ve gotta eat something between brunch at Aunt Sally’s and snack time in the fellowship hall after the candlelight service at church.


Let’s not forget about our curriculum as well. Seriously, Timmy is not going to learn to read on his own just because the rest of the world vacays for a solid two weeks.

What’s a holiday-lovin’ homeschool family to do?

Honestly, we can do whatever the heck we want!

Seriously. We have that ability. We have that flexibility. It’s called homeschooling.

Here’s my advice though: center your plans and activities around YOU.

More specifically, plan the next few weeks around your stress level.

How to Handle Holiday Homeschool Stress

Pay attention here, Mom and Dad:

The holidays do not have to center around the children.

Gasp! Whatdidshejustsay?

Here’s the deal.

At the end of the day, what all homeschoolers need is a happy mama or papa.

It’s that simple.

What is it that is going to facilitate a happy home for those in authority of that home?

Maybe following through with an abbreviated curriculum every single day in December eases your stress level. If skipping school altogether stresses you out…then don’t do it.

Maybe you want to see and do and experience absolutely everything possible this year, you know, because the kids are finally old enough to enjoy it. By all means, skip any and all planned curriculum for the entire month and party hard.

Maybe you shouldn’t cook Grandma’s old-fashioned-homemade-such-and-such for the family gathering. Just this once. That’s okay. Cook it if you have the time and desire to do so. But, if you do not have the time and desire, then stop by the bakery and pick something up. (I know, so radical!)

Maybe each family member gets an additional chore this month. Would that be helpful or stressful? You decide.

Should your family consider having a few friends over for a spur of the moment game night? Does that sound fun and enjoyable? You decide.


Should your family skip an event, so you can all just take a nap? You decide.

The beauty of homeschooling is we get to do whatever we think is best. We have the ultimate freedom to live our lives (mostly) free of society’s rules and restrictions.

Yes, we still must function within society. But, what society (and maybe our extended families) don’t realize is just how demanding homeschooling is. Additional demands and requirements this time of year may or may not benefit our household/homeschool/family like it does for most everyone else.

Only you know if you crave structure and routine. So what if the rest of the world is taking a break. We can practice a reading lesson on Christmas Eve morning if we want to!

Only you know if you and yours need a legitimate break from schooling. So what if the rest of the world only takes two weeks off. We can goof off for six whole weeks if we want to!

Homeschooling is a custom lifestyle to be tweaked and adjusted as needed. This is especially true during the holidays.

As parents, we are running the show. Let’s not run ourselves into the ground this year. Unless, of course, we want to.


(affiliate links are used in this post)

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Angelene Woodard is a wife, mother, writer, and reluctant homeschooler who blogs about her frustrations and victories at www.unqualifiedmom.com where she encourages fellow Christians to embrace their weakness and accept His strength.


affiliate links are used in this post

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