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Winter vacation is always a special time to me! Not only do I love this time of year, I love the time away from school to get refreshed, refocused, and have fun.

Being a teacher and mother all wrapped into one is hard. There are days it takes everything I have to keep going. There are times I feel like I am losing who I am while keeping up with everyone else. And, sometimes the responsibilities of being in charge of my children’s health, happiness, and education weigh heavily on me!

However, winter is a great time to take a homeschool break. Here’s how:

How to Do a Homeschool Winter Break

Have fun.

I laugh because even though I am far from a seasoned home schooler, I drag education into almost every area of our lives – games, dvds, chores . . . whatever. Give your teacher self a break and have fun instead. Play a game (educational or not) just for the fun of it and don’t feel obligated to mention and encourage anything the children might learn. Let yourself laugh, and be carefree. Watch a movie because it’s cute and funny . . .  and stay up late because you’re not a teacher right now.

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Be creative.

Here is your chance to stray from the scheduled food menu and try new recipes. Dig out the cookie cutters and try an easy cookie mix. It cuts the mess and stress of cookies from scratch and is just as fun for the children. Or, pick up that craft kit that has been lying around since the summer or browse Pinterest (avoiding anything just for the educational value).

Make time for you.

To your school, you are one of the most important ingredients. If you want to start the new year with an inspired school then you must be inspired yourself. Here is a chance to focus a little more on what you enjoy — whether in your mother-in-law’s farmhouse, a Vermont chalet, or the comfort of your own home, make time for what you love most. If you have the chance, take some time away to a local coffee shop, the mall, or a day with friends. Rediscover the things that make you you and enjoy that beauty of that.

Spend time with God.

Too often as mothers and teachers our hearts and prayers are full of those we love. We begin to identify ourselves by their progress and failures rather than by the love we have from our heavenly Father. Revisit that love and let God remind you of who you are in Him apart from those around you. He is a good Father and wants to give you a fresh vision, fill you with life, and satisfy your heart.



I put this one last for a reason!

Once you are revived and have had fun, take time to revisit your plans, hopes, and schedules. What is working for you and your children? What isn’t working? What it is you what to accomplish in the coming months?

Rid your book shelves, without guilt, of those unfinished books that aren’t functioning well, and take time to research what might be better suited for the needs of your family. If you are a schedule maker, go over your schedule and decide what you what to keep or change, always remembering the goal is the child, not the accomplishment.

Happy winter break. Take time and enjoy!


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affiliate links are used in this post

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