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Us Homeschool Moms seem to have these random homeschool myths or stigmas attached to us and I’d like to get some of those homeschooling myths debunked!

Granted, I am almost into year three of my homeschool tenure, so I am not a guide by any means in this world.

I remember a time when I put homeschoolers on a pedestal and also when I did the opposite to homeschooling families.

Now that I am part of the club I’m hoping to do my part and dispel some of the mistruths about us freaky-deaky homeschoolers!

10 Homeschooling Myths Debunked

Homeschooling Myths Debunked | REAL Homeschool Myths and Facts

Homeschooling Myths Debunked #1: Not only do we educate our children, we also have our house all in order too!


FAR from this.

I mean our house isn’t TLC/A&E mentally unhealthy show fodder yet, but I am in no way a keeper of my home like one would think or like I dream to be.

It’s crazy hard to take care of your house, cook, sew on a button or two, and take care of things when you are doing math in the dining/school room for two hours. I feel like a USA champion when I dump one trash bin!

Some might disagree with me on this.

They would not be my close friends.

Homeschooling Myths Debunked #2: Homeschooling is idyllic and we are all Pinterest Princesses.

I keep telling myself: It is okay if I do not have a perfectly planned and executed project on a weekly basis.

That is tomfoolery.

That is not real life.

While a fun project is a great goal to shoot for, it is not necessary to my children’s education.

For one, college. College (if this is the Lord’s plan) won’t be having craft/cooking/fun projects (or at least the core classes won’t).

So, while you might picture us all at home with lab coats, goggles, Erlenmeyer flasks, and smiles whilst splitting atoms, just know that is most likely not the norm round these homeschooling parts.

A good way to incorporate projects realistically?

Have the students set up their own projects and give you a list of supplies (or better yet go “shopping” around the house) for a project they have read about and would like to incorporate.


Planning AND project skills learned!

Homeschooling Myths Debunked #3. We are home alone with books and tin foil hats and zero friends.

HomeschoolSuperFreak.com is like a homeschool momma’s BFF. Jackie, of said website, wrote a great homeschool companion book called It’s Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement: Busting the Myths, Misconceptions, and Misinformation About Homeschooling which covers so much about the whole world of Home Education — including one of the hot-button topics: socialization.

I think we’ve all collectively lamented enough already about how annoying it is to hear someone question your child’s socialization factor that we don’t quite hear this as much as we used to.

But I still get comments.

And it’s so silly.

People just don’t know how insanely busy you can be with homeschool coops, athletics, academic clubs/contests . . .  ACKKK it’s so much sometimes!

And, at any of the above outings, tin foil hats are optional.

Homeschooling Myths Debunked #4. We are super judgy about your public and private schooling choices.

I sure hope there are not fellow homeschoolers out there that are begrudging you support for your family’s schooling decisions.

Not everyone can or should homeschool.

It’s based on your kid AND/ OR your family’s needs/structure.

Let’s all be cool and support each other. We are just trying to raise nice humans who do their best and put something back into the world.

Good grief, I do not have time to judge anyone.

I’m over here trying to dump trash and feed people (see #1).


Homeschooling Myths Debunked #5. We are all advanced degreed elitists teaching our kids about Plutarch and Quantum Physics using only Haikus.


I watered a fake plant for a year in college where I earned my undergrad in business and graduated “Thank Tha Laude.”

I want to blame my GPA on IBS, but that would be crappy of me.

(I’m not the class contributor.)

Homeschooling Myths Debunked #6. We are all part of some religious cult.

No, I already have enough on my schedule and don’t have time for the cult meetings (see #3) and . . . . just no!

I gave up on dance for my kid because of the pressure of putting her hair in a bun on a regular basis!

There are plenty of secular and non-secular homeschooling groups.

The face of homeschooling is  . . .. well there just isn’t one face to fit.

It’s so diverse and I love that.

Homeschooling Myths Debunked #7. Our kids are all weirdos.

Just the cool ones!

Sure, you run into a few, um, different people out there at the Homeschool Store and whatnot, but don’t you also see those types at public and private school, too?

(Weirdos are awesome, by the way.)

Homeschooling Myths Debunked #8. We are on some sort of Olympic Athletic Quest and can’t do the scheduling of 8-3 school (so we have to homeschool).

Some people are on a serious sports trajectory and God bless their journey! (Homeschooling is a great fit for those kids!)

Not us.

We just had not so great public and private school experiences – the last institution we were at closed after being open a year- and just felt God leading us to homeschool.

But the freedom you get with homeschooling does help an athlete with a heavy practice schedule out nicely!

Homeschooling Myths Debunked #9. We aren’t really teaching them because some of us are not certified teachers.

Saying you aren’t qualified to teach your children really has the potential to harm homeschooling families.

As a good friend of mine once helped me understand: I was my child’s first teacher. I taught her how to tie her shoes, go potty, and to use the Golden Rule.

Even if she did go to school outside of the home, I’d still be teaching her stuff when she got home. And, in some cases, un-teaching her some not so great habits, or just diving further into subjects that interest her.

We are all “home schooling” in some way whether we realize it or not.

I can always improve, but you bet your bottom dollar that I am ding, dang, dong committed to learning to teach her how to learn and do her best as a student.

It is my prayer that my girls (I have a little one who is not really ready for school quite yet) have a love of learning that is not squelched.


Homeschooling Myths Debunked #10. We have more patience or are better at momm-ing than you because we homeschool.

NO WAY is this truth!

I hear people put us in this shadow box of “great mom because you homeschool” and I cannot disagree more.

What am I doing? I am just doing what the Lord has called me to do. I try to work as if unto the Lord. He is my boss.

I actually have hardly any patience and this has been one long lesson in grace for me.

And, I am not any better and not any worse than any other mom out there.

I promise!


There you have it! I hope this sheds light on our world of homeschool and maybe I taught you a few things about us — mainly that we are just like you in that we all just want the best for our kids. Whatever education system you can find that meets your kids’ needs best at the moment, then go ahead on with your bad self!



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Grateful for Jesus and deodorant, she loves talking to anyone about the correct meat to cheese ratio in tacos.

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