Must-Have Homeschool Organization Tools

5 Must Have Organization Tools

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Homeschooling can be a bit crazy because there is so much stuff to keep track of and store. It can be super duper frustrating to find places to store all of your papers, books, pencils, and everything else. Not to mention, you need a way to track your lessons, grades, and to-do’s for each day. It can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are a homeschooling newbie. So, lucky for you, I have put together my favorite ideas, tips, and tools to keep you organized! Read on to discover some classic organization tools.

(affiliate links are used in this post)

How to Organize Your Homeschool Day

1. Have a dedicated homeschooling space.

Having a dedicated space to not only do your schooling each day but to also store everything will make a huge difference in staying organized. Whether it be your dining table, desk, or other space where you work, using that same space to keep at least your everyday basics is a smart and easy way to keep everything at hand. Plus there’s no clean up and put away at the end of the day. (So I say win-win!) Using tools such as pencil holders and book bins like the ones found here can be kept right on the table.

2. Add a white board to your homeschool space.

Get a peel and stick eraser board decal (AFFILIATE)Using a classic white board is a great way to keep your to-do’s, thoughts, ideas, appointments, and reminders right in front of you. You can jot down whatever you need to remember right on your handy whiteboard, then just erase it later. You can even get a magnetic whiteboard so you can stick up notes, papers, artwork, flyers and more! Boom! There’s also this cool peel and stick eraser board decal that you can move around where you need it.

3. Get a homeschool planner.

Another option (and my personal favorite) is using a daily planner to keep you from forgetting things and losing your mind. Seriously. I love using my daily planner to write down each lesson plan for the day, little reminders, and whatever else I can fit into each day’s square. I have a little fun with it by decorating my planner with stickers and Washi tape! It becomes my own way to enjoy organizing my life. I suggest finding a large, good quality planner such as this one here . It’s  a really nice way to keep all your reminders and lesson plans at hand.

4. Use schedule cards for homeschooling.

I have just discovered schedule cards and am loving them! They are an easy way to help you and your kids to keep track of your day-to-day schedule. They can be hung right on the wall or on a shelf for perfect schedule creation for each subject. Check them out right here and grab some for your homeschool classroom.

5. Use a desk organizer for your homeschool day.

I’ve already mentioned pencils holders but a tried and true desk organizer never gets old. Keep all your pens, pencils, markers, erasers and sticky notes all together in one convenient little spot with this desk organizer. Best of all, it comes in colors!


If you’re favorite organization tool was missed, be sure to let me know what your favorite tool is in the comments!

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affiliate links are used in this post

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