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Did you know that there’s a new Frozen “movie”? Actually, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is a featurette short that is shown before the movie Coco. It features four new Frozen songs and the voices of the original cast.

In this new installment of Frozen, “Olaf sets out on a merry mission to bring home the very best traditions and save Christmas” for Anna and Elsa.

So, bust out your inner Anna and Elsa and get ready for the funny snowman because you’re about to have another entire season of Frozen-mania.

Are you ready for a new Frozen adventure?

Olaf's Frozen Adventure Book (AFFILIATE)
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If you’re looking for a fun craft for a Frozen party or to pair up with the Olaf movie, this is an awesome (and easy!) one. It’s simply items in a bag to build an edible snowman.

We used this Olaf snowman craft as favors for our cookie decorating party and they were a big hit. We had kids asking if they can take more than one (so be sure to make extras if you’re using them for a party!). It’s fun to see all the different ways the kids come up with to make their snowman from the items in the bag!


Olaf Movie Do You Want to Build A Snowman

Olaf Movie Activities : ‘Build a Snowman’

*If you don’t want to make this many for a party, just get the items to make the snowmen and it can be a fun assembly craft activity after watching Frozen or seeing the Olaf featurette!


Resealable plastic bags (sandwich size)

Bag toppers (from the free template)


Bag of large marshmallows (3 large marshmallows for each bag for the head and body)

Bag of small marshmallows (2 small marshmallows for each bag for the feet)

Bag of pretzel sticks (2 for each bag for the arms)

Mini brown M&Ms (3 for each bag for the buttons)

Candy corn (1 for each bag for the nose)

Candy Eyes (2 for each bag for the eyes)

White icing (in a tub)

Small Poly Bags


1. Print out the “Do You Want to Make a Snowman” FREE template.

2. Trim and fold the template to fit the top of your bag sizes. Set aside.

3. In the small poly bags, place a small amount of white icing and seal. (This will be used as the “glue” to stick the snowman together and hold the items, like the M&M buttons, etc.) on. Place the icing bag in the bigger resealable bag.

4. In the bag, also place:

• 3 large marshmallows

• 2 mini marshmallows

• 2 pretzel sticks

• 3 mini brown M&Ms

• 1 candy corn

• 2 candy eyes

5. Seal the bag. Line up the folded topper (from the template) with the “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” facing what you want to be the front of the bag. Staple the topper on each side.


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