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Meet Gillian Nichols of Four Nichols Two Cents

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Meet Gillian Nichols, the fabulously funny author and creator of  The Four Nichols Two Cents: Focusing on the Funny The Imperfect Family’s Guide to Everything.

As a Homeschool Super Freak contributor, we asked Gillian to help us get to know her better. Here’s what she had to say…

Hi! I’m Gillian Nichols.

I homeschool two girls, going on about two years (three if you count University Model as homeschooling).

In the Nottingham Nichols School of Learning we have one sixth grader and one preschooler with special needs.

We like to take a Back to School picture each year.


Why Did you Start Homeschooling?

God called us to homeschool through a gradual shepherding of things just not working out:

Public school not challenging my kid enough (she read every book they had in the classroom),

Private School either raising tuition or not providing enough,

Bad luck (like our last year’s search with private schooling, it closed after one year)!

It was at that point we realized the freedom to teach your child to learn in the way they were created through homeschooling was our best and only option.

Turns out it works beautifully for our special need adoptive child, too!

Our oldest is a scientist. She creates her own labs in our garage and has the “What would happen if?” mindset at all times. With homeschooling, I don’t have to hope and pray for a substandard lab to happen every six weeks to give my kid what she craves. We can just order a dissection kit, visit the museum’s dissection lab day,  or observe nature on a field trip!

Home schooling education is so customizable — and thank goodness because we were tired of being put in a box labeled “for the masses: do not feed the student.”

What is Your Biggest Challenge With Homeschooling?

My biggest struggle with homeschooling is putting fear and perfectionism in their place, which is deep down in the bottom of the ocean!

There’s no perfection in homeschooling (or crying in baseball)!

What Homeschooling Tip(s) Would You Give to New Homeschooling Parents (Or Those Considering Homeschooling)?

If homeschooling was a phase of matter it would be liquid because things always change.

Don’t adhere your student(s) to any idea/curricula/rule/schooling method.

And, make it fun- give your school a name, mascot, and school motto!

Ours is the Phoenix and our motto is Genesis 50:20:

“But what you meant for evil, God turned into good for the saving of many lives.”

Give Us Three Interesting Things About Yourself

Gillian Nichols Homeschool Super FreakI was born with a super weird rare disorder (ADAMTSL4 gene mutation) that caused my lenses to be dislocated, thus rendering my eyes googily! It is my great honor to share my testimony of going blind to having my sight restored through 10 eye surgeries.

I had a small stint as a creative photographer . . . and I loved it! I had a business named Adventure Photo & Design (because my dad and I loved Adventure Land at Disney).

Cross-stitching and crafts make my heart happy. I might not be the best at them, but they help my busy mind calm down.


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