Homeschool Contributors

Are you a homeschooling parent who is also writer, blogger, or just someone who has a great and interesting way of communicating in writing?

We are looking for homeschooling writers and bloggers to be regular contributors on!

We are looking for committed contributors to join our homeschool writer/blogger team in the following areas:

• Unschooling

• Road Schooling

• Homeschooling Dads

• Homeschooling for High School

• Homeschooling Special Needs

• Christian Homeschooling

• Secular Homeschooling

• Homeschool Arts & Crafts (Monthly Holiday Related)

• Home Organization While Homeschooling

• Quick and Healthy Meals for Homeschooling Families (Recipes)

• Working While Homeschooling

(Have another category? Pitch it to us! We’re happy to hear your ideas!)

What Kind of People Make the Best Contributors?

Our ideal contributor is a current homeschooling parent who has a blog or business and wants to help get the word out about that blog/business OR who wants to build up a writing portfolio.

What We’re Looking For in a Contributor:

As a contributor, you should:

• Be a current or recent homeschooling parent

• Be able to contribute a minimum of two posts per month for your assigned category (additional posts can be on any topic)

• Be willing to share and cross-promote your posts on your social media networks, etc.

• Be a good writer who can communicate effectively in an interesting way with written word

• BONUS POINTS if you’re familiar with WordPress (but not required) and understand about creating evergreen content

Homeschool Students

We’re also looking to add a couple of homeschool student voices to our site. If you know a homeschool student or homeschool graduate who is in college and is:

• Good at writing

• Wants to build a writing portfolio

Let us know!

What We’re NOT Looking For in a Contributor:

We are not looking for single guest posts, especially from people who are working for other companies and are looking to link back to those company sites. (Links for contributor posts are no-follow links.) We appreciate your hustle, but that’s just not what we’re looking for here. (If you contact us about this, we will  likely ignore your email because the amount of emails we get on this is … exhausting.)

What’s In It For You?

This is not a paid position, however:

• You get to promote your blog, business, and/or writing with a new audience.

• You get a bio page on our site linking back to your writing, blog, or business site.

• Each post will have your byline where you can describe/link whatever you want*.

• You can link over to any page/post on your site.

• You will be eligible for drawings and giveaways.

• Your work will be shared with our thousands of social media  and subscriber followers.

• You will become part of our team and have the ability to build a network of other homeschooling writers in  a private group where you can discuss homeschooling, writing, and business (and life!).



*links marketing other sites are limited to your own personal blog or business