Homemade Bird Feeder Craft

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Nature Drawing and Journaling (AFFILIATE)As days cool down and the leaves start to change, I find our homeschooling being drawn more and more outdoors. (It’s my favorite time of the year!) This is a great time for hiking, nature drawing and journaling, and enjoying fall festivities like pumpkins and apples.

A few years ago in the fall, we studied birds and made this super easy DIY bird feeder to go along with the homeschool lessons. It has been a favorite every year since. (You’ll notice that the picture is from our sister site where we sometimes share posts.)

This is an easy (and fun) craft for all ages and can easily be paired with bird studies to make an entire homeschool nature study unit. It would even be a  great addition to your fun nature activities for co-op or homeschooling meetup. And, the best part? These are all items you probably have around your house right now!


How to Make a Bird Feeder Out of Recycled Materials

how to make a bird feeder homeschool


• Cardboard (an old box or shoebox works great)

• String or yarn (any string that you can recycle will work!)

• Peanut butter or lard (or both)–this is what basic suet is made from

Mixed birdseed

• Paper plates

• Hole puncher

• Scissors


1. Draw the shape of your bird feeder onto the cardboard. (We decided to use hearts, which makes this an awesome Valentine’s Day craft, too!)

2. Cut the shape out of the cardboard with scissors. (A craft knife works really well with cardboard, but you might want to take over the cutting duties.)

3. Using the hole puncher, punch a hole at the top of the shape. Thread the ribbon or yarn through the hole and tie it to make a big loop. (This is how you will hang it on the tree, so be sure to make the loop as short or long as you need it.)

4. Pour the birdseed onto the paper plate until it covers the bottom of the plate.

5. Liberally spread one side of the cardboard shape with the peanut butter or lard. Place the shape, lard/peanut butter side down, into the birdseed on the plate. Press gently.

6. While shape is still facing down, spread peanut butter or lard on the cardboard side of the shape facing up. Flip the shape over and press into the birdseed.

7. Lift shape and fill in any empty spots where birdseed is missing on the peanut butter/lard by pressing birdseed into it. Repeat on the other side of the shape.

8. Hang outside and enjoy watching all the feathered friends that come by to enjoy your yummy DIY bird feeder!

Books for a Bird and Nature Homeschool Study Unit or Lesson Plans

About Birds: A Guide for Children (AFFILIATE) Backyard Guide to Birds (National Geographic) (AFFILIATE)Birds, Nest, and Eggs (AFFILIATE) Fine Feathered Friends: All About Birds (Dr. Seuss) (AFFILIATE) Bright Wings (AFFILIATE) The Boy Who Drew Birds (AFFILIATE)

affiliate links are used in this post

NOW AVAILABLE: It's Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement (AFFILIATE)


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