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An award-winning homeschooling and education resources website by Jacqueline Wilson, a former college adjunct professor and educator of over 20 years turned homeschooling mom!

Jacqueline Wilson has been seen heard and read at Oprah Magazine,, Huffington Post, News Shows and more!


Jacqueline Wilson, Homeschool Super Freak, and her other sites have appeared on well-known publications, TV shows, and podcasts like:

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About Educator Jacqueline Wilson from Homeschool Super Freak

Jacqueline Wilson (aka: The Homeschool Super Freak) is a former college professor, educator of 20+ years, homeschooling mom of over 9 years, and #1 Bestselling Education Author. She’s been featured in local and national news and media outlets.

EDUCATIONAL MISSION: The mission of is to provide homeschool, education, and parenting content that is educational, informational, helpful, or humorous to homeschool parents and educators of all belief systems and backgrounds.

Homeschool Super Freak, Jacqueline Wilson and daughter Ella

Hey there! I’m Jacqueline Wilson, The Homeschool Super Freak

That’s my kid Ella with me there when she was younger.

We’ve been homeschooling for over 9 years now, but I have a loooooooong history in education–more than 17 years, actually.


I am a former adjunct college professor, a corporate trainer, a published author, and an academic writer.

However, none of that prepared me for homeschooling . . .

Because homeschooling is not just schooling at home—which is what I thought when I started.

(I mean, why wouldn’t I?! Hellooo… college professor! YEAH RIGHT!)

Homeschooling was such a foreign concept to us that when I told my husband that I wanted to homeschool he said:

“No way. She’ll turn out to be a freak.”

(OOO! We can hope! Right?)


In 2017, after more than six years of homeschooling, I decided to launch for homeschool families after I noticed a couple of things:

• There didn’t seem to be a “safe space” for newbie homeschool parents (or those just interested in homeschooling) to really ask the kind of questions they wanted to ask. (There were so few online groups and resources when I first started. I did not have a support network… at all. I didn’t want others to ever feel that way.)

• Homeschool sites and networks seemed to be completely polarized: There’s Christian homeschooling OR secular homeschooling and  very, very little in between.


And, that’s just NOT how life is. We don’t live our lives in tidy little boxes where everyone thinks, looks, and behaves just alike. Why would we want to limit ourselves to that kind of peer group?

So, I’m one of those people who—when I can’t find what I want—I a create it.

ENTER: Homeschool Super Freak

I wanted to build an area where people of all different belief systems, backgrounds, and homeschooling methods came together and learned from each other in a supportive, safe, fun environment.


And, apparently a lot of others were craving the same thing because in two short years has EXPLODED into a group of 20,000 subscribers and ENGAGED followers across newsletters and social media platforms.



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Homeschool Super Freak is just one of my websites.

I’m not exactly new to the whole blogging, writing, and online business thing.

You can also find me at:



So, what’s up with that funky website name?

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I love a good laugh.

I post A LOT of things just to amuse myself.

(For real.)

(And, I’m sorry.)

Homeschool Super Freak came from something I used to say to a group of friends.

People always talk about how homeschoolers are “freaks” and I used to laugh with my friends, “We’re not homeschool freaks, we’re homeschool SUPER freaks.”

So, I thought it would be a funny name for a website.

(That story probably isn’t as awesome as you wanted it to be, huh? Sorry about that.)


I’d love if you also checked out my homeschooling book and let me know what you think!

It’s Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement was a #1 bestseller in four educational categories!

Its Homeschooling Not Solitary Confinement book sitting on a breakfast tray with coffee and a croissant


OH YAY! I can’t imagine that you would actually want to hear more about me, but COOL!

Here are some fun facts about me:

• I was an award-winning college professor.

• My background is in healthcare and I still occasionally write in that industry.

• I have MANY, MANY published books and guides (so many I’ve lost count), mostly in the healthcare/medical academic field. If you take a class in that field and think, “HUH, I wonder if this is the same Jacqueline Wilson that…” the answer is probably YES.

• I have a super interesting career path that looked like this: Healthcare > Healthcare Technology > Technology > Consultant > Owning My Own Company

• I am an accidental pibble advocate.

• I have a house full of rescued animals. One more and I win a free set of steak knives.

• I used to own a little bookstore on the water. (Yes, it was fabulous.)

• I’m an extroverted introvert, meaning I’m pretty loud and funny in public and can give a kick-ass public speech/seminar/class, but I need ample alone/quiet time to recover at home. I could definitely be a hermit and just spend my days writing.

Little girl walking up a dirt lane on a farm

• We live in the Midwest, but we share a very remote family farm in Virginia (the farm where my dad grew up). I call it my earthly soul’s home.

• I plan on owning a home on Lake Michigan someday. Yes, you are invited.

Want to connect?

(Even after learning all that? OK THEN…)