New Homeschool Year Ideas and Tips for A Successful School Year

New Homeschool Year Guide

A new homeschool year is here! This back to school free guide will help you start off on the right foot with homeschooling this year, whether you’re looking for back to school shopping tips, back to school organization tips, or even the best homeschooling resources, we’ve got you covered!

Sitting down to start planning for the new school year has never been more daunting than it is now. The amount of information that you need to know in order to plan and prepare your children academically, emotionally, and socially for homeschooling can feel overwhelming. So… where do I begin for the new homeschool year?

New Homeschool Year young homeschooling girl with long dark pigtails writing with an oversized homeschool pencil
How To Prepare for Back to School Tips mother and daughter working on home school at a table

New Homeschool Year: How To Prepare for Back to School Tips

Wondering how to make this new homeschool year successful? Check out our best back to school tips and hacks!

Wondering how to make this new homeschool year successful? Check out our best back to school tips and hacks!

Back to school preparation tips and first day of homeschool ideas for a new homeschool year:

  1. Reflect on what did or didn’t work last year.
  2. Don’t get stuck in the shiny curriculum syndrome!
  3. Plan your new homeschool year based on what works best for your homeschooler (not what everyone else is doing!).
  4. Clean out old curriculum and homeschool resources that you didn’t like, aren’t using, or are just cluttering up your area. (Use this time to declutter!)
  5. Have a fun first day of school party.
  6. Do a school supply scavenger hunt to get your kids excited for starting school.
  7. Learn the best hacks for even more savings during back to school sales.
  8. Use back to school makeover tips to organize your homeschool room.
  9. Go easy on the first day (or even the first week!). Plan fun field trips or learning activities.

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Good Back to School Tips and Hacks for Your New Homeschool Year

Back to School Shopping Tips

How To Use Back To School Sales to Stock Up for All Year school supplies on table like colored pencils rulers

HOW TO STOCK UP ON HOMESCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR ALL YEAR: As homeschoolers, we often forget that back to school sales are also for us!


Fun Welcome Back to School Tips

Happy first day of homeschool with female student lying in the grass with a book

Make the first day of back to school fun for your homeschoolers with our creative first day of school fun and have a happy first day of homeschool!


What Homeschool Supplies Do You REALLY Need?

Supplies Needed for Homeschooling: home school supplies like pencils tablet calculator backpack sitting on a yellow table

Best homeschool supply lists! What homeschool materials you really need without wasting money during back to school sales. Homeschool essentials!


What Are the Best Homeschool Resources?

What Are the Best Homeschooling Resources teen girl reading homeschool curriculum

Our personal homeschool reviews, favorite curriculum and classes, and list of homeschooling resources that we use to keep our homeschool learning interesting!


How To Homeschool High School

Homeschooling for High School black family laughing around a homeschool graduate daughter holding her diploma

Nervous for homeschooling high school? Use our HOW TO HOMESCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL GUIDE to help you through those teenage homeschooling years.


Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents

how to homeschool kindergarten little girl showing a crayon drawing

Are you homeschooling preschool or doing homeschool kindergarten this year? Homeschooling young kids probably looks a lot different than you think…


How To Set Up The Best Homeschool Classroom

Classroom Makeover Storage

What you need for a homeschool room is probably a lot less than you think! We’ll guide you through decluttering homeschool areas and what you need for homeschool classrooms.


Make a Fun Back-To-School Cone

Make a Back to School Cone (German Schultute)

back to school cone (German schultute) is a great way to make the first day of school fun and exciting and get your kids those school supplies they’ll need for the school year.


Fun First Day of High School Ideas

High School Back To School Activities red tennis shoes standing on chalk drawings of back to school items and activities

If you’re wondering how do you make the first day of homeschool special for high school or you’re looking for engaging activities for high school students, you’ll love these back-to-school ideas!


Fun Back To School Games

Best back to school games for teachers and homeschooling images of first day of school games and activity ideas

Educational activities that focus on skills, but ease kids back into a new school year. Great for back to school activities week to help start the year off right and make school fun this year!


All About Me Activities

Creative All About Me Activity Ideas different images of all about me crafts and all about me activity ideas

Huge list of fun all about me activities for school age kids – from toddlers and preschoolers through high school! Great first day of school ideas or back to school first week activities!


Best Preschool Supplies

preschool homeschool school supplies smiling African American preschooler boy with hands painted with finger paint

What preschool homeschool school supplies do you need for homeschooling preschoolers? Great Pre K homeschool ideas and homeschooling must haves for young children.


I hope these welcome back to school tips help you have the best new homeschool year ever!