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Jacqueline Wilson of Homeschool Super FreakHi There! 

I’m Jacqueline Wilson.

Welcome to Homeschool Super Freak.

I’m so excited that you’re interested in partnering up with Homeschool Super Freak. There are so many different opportunities, from sponsored and review posts, social media sharing, dedicated newsletters and many more that allow you to reach our very engaged audience.

I’m also happy to create a custom brand campaign that works for you.

Just ask!

The Homeschool Super Freak Media Kit is available on request.

Also, we’re happy to connect you if you’re interested in working with one of the Homeschool Super Freak regular contributing writers—a talented group of parents who have their own expertise levels and experiences.


Please reach out and let’s discuss your needs! 


Also, I appreciate your interest, but we’re not currently accepting guest posts, uncompensated partnerships, or products that don’t align with our mission or audience. CHECK OUT OUR ABOUT PAGE TO LEARN MORE.



jackie {at} homeschoolsuperfreak {dot} com