Homeschooling Myths and Facts

So you’ve  been wondering about homeschooling myths and facts, huh?

What about all those misconceptions of homeschooling (like, that pesky homeschooling socialization myth where people like to tell you about the effects of homeschooling on socialization)?

(Homeschoolers get plenty of socialization opps, btw. . .)

Also, you keep hearing misconceptions of homeschooling like:

Why are homeschoolers so annoying? 


Why are homeschoolers socially awkward?


Homeschooling is wrong!

(Are homeschool kids really freaks???)

And, these have you concerned.

Maybe people keep telling you that homeschooling is wrong and you shouldn’t do it?

(Some people might even be telling you that homeschooling is illegal!)

Or, maybe you’re homeschooling without family support and they just keep questioning your choice over and over and over?

It can all just be SO. OVERWHELMING.

Homeschool Myths and Facts

Have you been there?

I know I have.

Jacqueline, Homeschooling Myths and Facts

Hey, I’m Jacqueline Wilson and over seven years ago I was exactly where you are in my own homeschool journey.

I was drowning under all the homeschooling myths and facts.

I felt like I was researching and reading and talking and finding so much conflicting information about homeschooling that my head was swimming.


I just kept wondering, “How do you do homeschooling?”

I wanted to homeschool, but I had so many questions! And, I had concerns, too. I needed someone to help me pick through the homeschooling myths and misconceptions until I came out on top with all the homeschooling facts so that I could make an informed decision.

I just wanted to find a homeschooling mom, have a coffee with her, and pick her brain.

And, I wanted her to tell me it would be OK.

Homeschooling Myths and Facts

I wanted to ask someone, “What are the truths about homeschooling?”

Is homeschooling right for me? Is there really a lack of socialization in homeschooling? And, what about homeschool sports? Is that even an option if you are homeschooling? Do only “religious weirdo freaks” homeschool? Am I even qualified to homeschool?

But, I couldn’t find anyone who could answer all my questions . . .

There was no mom to have coffee with . . .

No one to say, “Here are all those homeschooling myths debunked . . .”

I didn’t have anyone to help me sort out the homeschooling myths and facts.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and started to do the work. I researched. Then, I asked questions. And, I read. And then, I read some more. I connected with other homeschoolers online.

And then I did it all some more until I was sure that I had all the truths about homeschooling.



So, that’s what I did.

Learn about homeschool myths and truths in It's Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement (AFFILIATE)I used my background and over 16 years of experience in education, teaching, academic writing, and research and I wrote the book that I wished I had when I started homeschooling — one that gave legitimate answers  to all those homeschooling myths (with research and statistics to back them!).

A book that shoots down those homeschool misconceptions!

But, most importantly, I wrote a homeschool book to arm you with answers for yourself and to share with others in your life who are questioning your homeschooling choice!

And, I wrote it in a fun, relatable and conversational way so that it doesn’t feel like you’re reading some academic textbook full of blah-blah-blah boringness!

“Amazed at the amount of information given in such an easy read! Don’t skip the ‘homework’ [from the journal], you’ll end up with a journal of exactly what you want out of homeschooling and how to get it!”
-Becca Zurfley, homeschooling 2 years

Homeschooling Myths and Facts


Truths About Homeschooling

Let’s face it, there are so many homeschooling myths and facts out there that it’s hard to know where to start. Or, who to listen to (especially if you’re new!).

It’s even hard to know how to answer those friends and family members who are constantly questioning your decision to homeschool.

In It’s Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement, I break down all those home school education questions and provide you with real answers to all the common homeschool questions homeschoolers hear!

And, guess what else?

It’s Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement is a #1 BESTSELLING HOMESCHOOL BOOK in four education categories: Homeschooling, Education Theory, Schools & Teaching, and Non-Formal Education!

…which proves that we are all looking for more answers on homeschooling!

So, if you’re like I was, and you’re overwhelmed trying to get started homeschooling, or wondering how to “do homeschooling,” or even struggling to get your homeschool questions answered (or the questions your family has), then this is the book for you.

Homeschooling Myths and Facts Answers

“An excellent resource for families considering  homeschooling, as well as for homeschooling families ready to change things up!

I wish this book had been available when I first started homeschooling.

Helping Hand Homeshool, Jen Duncan

Full of wisdom and humor – highly recommended!”

-Jen Duncan, Creator, homeschooling 13 years  

Homeschooling myths and facts: It's Homeschooling Not Solitary Confinement

This is a How To Homeschooling for Beginners Guide (And a Great Book for Those Homeschooling Without Family Support and for Family Members Who Question Your Homeschooling Decision)

It’s Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement answers questions about homeschooling myths and facts like:

It's Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement by Jacqueline Wilson

How do I start homeschooling today? (page 43)

How do homeschoolers get socialization? (page 25)

Is homeschooling illegal? (page 19)

Can homeschool kids go to college or prom? (page 81 and 139)

I can’t homeschool because I have to work! (page 72)

How much does it cost to homeschool my child? (page 63)

Do homeschool parents need to have a teaching certification? (page 39)

Are homeschoolers freaks? (page 35)


“I am just starting my homeschool journey… [this book is] a must have read for me I will use all year.” 
-Joyce Bowman First year homeschooling 

This book covers homeschooling myths and facts, along with homeschool misconceptions and misinformation, and gives you the real (and sometimes surprising) scoop and facts.

ALSO INCLUDED: Exercises and tips to get you thinking and help you plan and organize different aspects of homeschooling.


Don’t miss out on the “It’s Homeschooling!” Companion Journal that goes with this book and corresponds to the exercises found in the book. The journal is perfect for new homeschoolers or those who are rebooting their homeschooling!

“This was so helpful to me as someone just beginning our family’s homeschooling journey! I loved the ‘homework.’ It really helped answer a lot of questions I had been musing over, and it inspired me to revisit topics I thought we’d settled. I can’t wait for my husband to read it!”

-Mary S., beginning homeschooler

Homeschool Journal & Planner

It’s Homeschooling! is a companion journal and planner to the book.

It's Homeschooling Companion Journal (AFFILIATE)NEW HOMESCHOOLERS: START HERE!

Are you new to homeschooling and feeling completely overwhelmed?

Do you have questions that you don’t know how to answer, or maybe you need guidance on some homeschooling issues?

Or, maybe you’ve been homeschooling for a little while but feel like you’ve lost your way?

The “It’s Homeschooling!” Journal & Planner will help you focus, organize, and better understand your homeschool journey–RIGHT FROM THE START!

This motivational journal

• Includes prompts to review legal requirements for your state to ensure you aren’t breaking rules

• Helps you determine homeschool methods that best fit your family

• Gets your family on the same page with homeschooling

• Helps you find a homeschool support network

& Much, Much More!

There is no other homeschool planner and journal that will help you laser focus your homeschooling and give you clarity right from the start of your homeschool journey.

Perfect for new homeschoolers or even if you’re just considering homeschooling and have questions. Great for a homeschool reboot, too!

This journal is a must-have starting point! 


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