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Homeschool Not Solitary Confinement book

Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement Book

“An excellent resource for families considering homeschooling, as well as for homeschooling families ready to change things up! I wish this book had been available when I first started homeschooling. Full of wisdom and humor – highly recommended!” -Jen Duncan, Helping…

2017 Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2017 Homeschool Ideas

The solar eclipse 2017 time is quickly approaching on August 21st. And, this is a great opportunity to incorporate the eclipse into your homeschooling studies (even if you aren’t in the full viewing path)! According to The Washington Post, the eclipse will…

Homeschool Super Freak Squad

Are You A Homeschool Super Freak? (We Need You!)

We have some exciting news! We’re looking to put together a Homeschool Super Freak Squad! What’s a Homeschool Super Freak Squad? Our Homeschool Super Freak Squad is made up of homeschool volunteers who: Are interested in exclusive FIRST LOOK…