How to Put a Small Homeschool Room in a Bedroom


For some reason, I always thought I should keep my homeschool area separate from my daughter’s bedroom. However, after seeing these bedroom study spaces, I realize you can effectively share a homeschool space within a bedroom.

How To Set Up a Homeschool Classroom in a Kid’s Bedroom

Your bedrooms might not be as big as this first one, but I appreciate the shelving and desk arrangement here and that it can work with multiple kids who share a room. If you only have room for one desk, you could remove the computer monitor, put a chair on either side, and make it a desk shared by two kids.

If your bedroom is lacking on space, don’t despair! You just need a small nook, corner, or even a closet to create a homeschool class area. Just use some shelving above the desk as extra storage. The dual bulletin board/white board on the side is great for assignment reminders, notes, and to display creations. The mesh file holder in the corner is a great way to help your homeschooler stay organized!


I really love the chalkboard wall here that they’ve made with magnetic chalkboard paint. It’s perfect to write notes and assignments and also to be able to hang things on the wall with magnets. (The little ones even got creative on the wall under the desk on this one!) Again, shelves above the desk are crucial for staying organized!





A homeschool space in a bedroom doesn’t have to take up a lot of room. Just a desk and a chair will work, however cute but functional shelves can really help your homeschooler out in a small space!


I thought this was an interesting way they worked with a very small bedroom. The parents built up a bed platform, but put drawers and a pull-out desk underneath — perfect for homeschool “stuff.” The kids can simply slip the desk and drawers of books and supplies back into place when they’re finished and their room will be tidy and ready for playtime (or sleep).


Even the most narrow bedroom can include study space. Here, they just butted a bookshelf up to the end of the bed and then placed a desk on the other side. Again, keeping it tidy and organized really helps out in a small space so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.


Under the bunk bed classroom with a desk, shelves, and drawers (that hide the supplies) is a great space saver for a bedroom classroom. You could even put a couple of bulletin boards, white boards, or wall organizers up on either  of the walls underneath the bed.


This bedroom homeschool area isn’t fancy, but it’s functional. A simple (and cheap!) bookcase and a small desk in the corner of a bedroom makes a great homeschool space. (Love that magnetic strip for scissors and magnets shown here! I can never find classroom scissors, so I’m definitely stealing this idea!)


I like how this family used (an often unused) under the window space for studies. And, that skinny space by windows? They put some tall, skinny bookshelves in there to hold books and supplies for extra storage. (Genius!) They placed a small table under the magnetic white board to give another study space or an area for the younger kids to hang out while the older kids work at the taller desk.


This is a great shared homeschool/bedroom space because they kept it clean and light. Also, there are different study stations — a desk, a window reading seat, and also a work table. There’s plenty of storage and bulletin board space, too!

This room is homeschool fabulous and functional!

(Is it wrong that I want this as my bedroom?)



Do you have a great homeschool/bedroom space at your place? I’d love to see it! Share a link in the comments or share a photo over on the Homeschool Super Freak Facebook page.

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