List of Fine Motor Skills for Homeschoolers

list of fine motor skills activities

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So you’ve decided to homeschool your preschooler or kindergartener. And, maybe you’ve already decided on a specific study unit or some fun unschooling that you’re going to do. But, have you considered motor skills development?

What Is Motor Skills Development?

Motor skills are using muscles to perform actions. There are two types of motor skills development that you need to be concerned with, especially if you are starting to homeschool a preschooler or kindergartener:

Gross Motor Skills: 

Gross motor skills are those movements and coordination of larger muscles like arms and legs. Examples of gross motor skills are running and swimming.

Fine Motor Skills:

Fine motor skills are the smaller muscle movements like using the fingers, hands, and wrists, as well as feet and toes. These are also the skills that will also help your child with holding a pencil and writing.

Developing motor skills helps children also development their cognitive skills, helps kids control their bodies, and also helps them perform everyday life functions.

So, while it’s nice to focus on the cognitive development of your younger homeschoolers, you definitely want to incorporate motor skills into your daily homeschool learning. Gross motor skills are easy — take your kid to a park or playground and let them go crazy. They’ll easily use their gross motor skills running, jumping, climbing, balancing, and playing. However, you may have a little more trouble coming up with some fine motor skills. Here’s a list of fun, fine motor skills to get you started!

fine motor skills list

23 Examples of Fine Motor Skills Activities to Use in Homeschooling

• Use sticks and stones to form letters and shapes outdoors

• Work on buttoning and tying

• Make fun paper shapes with safe craft scissors

• Paint with a small, fine-tipped paint brush

• Use sidewalk chalk

• Play with Playdough

• Thread beads onto pipecleaners

• Sort different items into specific jars

Make a pasta necklace

• Finger paint

• Play with kinetic sand

• Put cotton balls into a bowl with a spoon

• Use use sticker books

• Stack blocks

• Pin clothespins onto a yarn line (or laundry onto a clothesline!)

• Draw with colored pencils

Hole punch with fun shapes

• Make a peanut butter (or other spread) sandwich


• String Cheerios cereal onto yarn for a necklace

• Hammer golf tees into the ground with a crab mallet

• Blow and pop bubbles (or pop bubblewrap)

• Swing on the playground monkey bars

• Play string games


These are just a few activities that will help with fine motor skills, but anything where the kids are using hands, fingers, wrists and yes, even toes, will help with those motor skills.

affiliate links are used in this post

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