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I always loved watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving as a child. And, I think it’s even more fun when you get to introduce your kids to the cartoons that you loved during childhood and watch them develop a fondness for them, also. Now, my kid is OBSESSED with Charlie Brown.

For some reason, I loved the part where they made the popcorn in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and it’s one of those things that always stuck with me. (Remember Snoopy with his little chef’s hat and how mad Peppermint Patty got when she realized that they weren’t having a real Thanksgiving meal?)  And then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to watch the cartoon and eat the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving meal with my kid? (I mean, what kid doesn’t love to have treats for lunch?)

So, a couple of years ago we did just that and it was a HUGE hit. This is a fun party that you can have for homeschool co-op or a homeschool meet-up, too!

Throw a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Food

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To make your own Charlie Brown Thanksgiving party you’ll need:

For each plate, put a slice of buttered toast, popcorn, a handful of jelly beans, and pretzels.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Activities and Lessons

Here are some ideas to round out your Charlie Brown lessons or party:

• Read/watch this interactive Charlie Brown Thanksgiving storybook:

• Do a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

Listen to a podcast that relates the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to historical and Biblical perspectives

• Learn how to draw Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodstock

• Do a Charles Schultz (creator of Charlie Brown) study unit

Learn more about Charles Schultz

Books for  a Fall Charlie Brown Party

affiliate links are used in this post

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