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The Winter Olympics are upon us! (In case you couldn’t tell by the non-stop commercials . . .) The Olympics start on Friday, February 9th and end on Sunday, February 25th.

Some of you are super excited, while others of you are all like, Meh. . .


Before you discount the Winter Olympics as another yawn fest because you don’t like sports (or whatever other reason you tell yourself), you may be missing out on one of the most fun learning opportunities for the kids!

How to Learn with a Winter Olympics Unit Study

Incorporating the olympics into your classroom learning doesn’t have to be all about the sports. (Although, that’s a great opportunity to explore some sports you don’t know about!)

KIDS' GUIDE TO 2018 WINTER GAMES (AFFILIATE)In addition to sports, you also have the opportunity to learn about:

• Geography of the country

• History of the country

• Culture of the country (including school children there, music, food, industry, etc.)

• Language of the country

and so much more! 

Your Olympics unit study is only limited by your imagination! (But, just in case your imagination is lacking right now, we have some great suggestions below!)

Winter Olympic Activities, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, and Printables

Olympic Theme | Winter Olympic Lessons, Activities, Worksheets, and Printables

If you’re looking for Olympic theme ideas, here are some great Olympic resources to help you build a unit study on the Winter Olympics!

Lessons for Olympics

Get a free “Discover the Winter Olympics” educational kit

• Check out the full Olympic’s television schedule so you can plan your viewing (you can also LIVESTREAM them)

• View the official website of the Winter Olympics

Get a full Olympic lesson plan covering different areas

• Learn more about the 15 winter sports in the Winter Olympics

• Create onomatopoeic sports poems

• Learn about the history of photography in sports and more about sports photography


• Learn about the mascot, Soohorang:

“‘Sooho’ comes from the Korean word for protection, while ‘rang’ comes from the middle letter of ‘Ho-rang-i,’ the word for ‘tiger.’ It is also the last letter of ‘Jeong-seon A-ri-rang,’ which is a traditional folk song from the Gangwon Province, which is where the Games will be held.” [TV Guide]

• Watch a video about Soohorang, the mascot of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018

Learn about the legends of mascots

Complete Olympic mascots and mottos activities

Learn about Team USA

Learn about the history of Olympics

See a photo history of the Olympics

Understand how politics affects the Olympic games

Understand Olympic traditions and principals

Review controversies in the Olympics

• Get free printable winter olympics coloring pages

Learn about the Olympic rings

Color the Olympic rings

Learn about the Opening Ceremony (February 9th)

Learn about the Olympic truce

Play Opening Ceremony Bingo

See and learn about the Team USA’s Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Play a game where you represent your country in the Olympics

• Learn about how they choose Olympic locations

• Make a fun campaign on why the Olympics should come to your location!

Do a Winter Olympics scavenger hunt

Learn about the history of the Olympic torch

Make your own Olympic torch craft

Do a year-by-year history of the Olympics lesson plan

Create a biography of famous Olympians

Do an Olympics-themed math measurement lesson plan

Design a stamp to commemorate the Olympics

• Use a Venn Diagram to compare the Olympics today to Olympics in the past

Study the history and architecture of Olympic stadiums

Learn about Ancient Olympics

Create an Olympic journal and scrapbook

Learn about the history and design of Olympic medals

Create medals, Olympic rings, and torches

Make your own Olympic medals

Get winter Olympics printables


Lessons on South Korea

Read interesting facts about PyeongChang, South Korea and then learn some more interesting facts 

• Learn about the location of the Olympics with a South Korean study unit (free, but sign-up required)

Make some Korean recipes

Learn about South Korean children’s school days

Color the flag of South Korea

Learn some Korean language

Do a lesson on Korean culture using folktales

Learn about the Korean New Year

Learn about traditional Korean crafts

Make a traditional Korean fan craft


Lessons on Asia

Review an interactive map of Asia

Play some online games about Asia

Complete a (middle to high school level) study unit on Eurasia

Complete a lesson plan on Asia

Olympics Lessons | Best Children’s Books About Olympics

(affiliate links are used in this post)

Kids' Guide to 2018 Winter Games (AFFILIATE) 2018 Winter Games Activity Book for Kids (AFFILIATE)
Fun Facts About Olympics (AFFILIATE) G is for Gold Medal (AFFILIATE) Olympic Sports (AFFILIATE)The Winter Olympics (AFFILIATE)
Ancient Greece and Olympics (AFFILIATE) Wall Racoon's Winter Olympics (AFFILIATE)

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