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As the weather warms up, we find ourselves moving to a outdoor learning spaces more and more. We have a great covered back deck that we’ve lined with outdoor curtains, and it allows us to stay out there and work even when there is a gentle, warm rain. But, I’ve been looking for some more great outdoor classroom ideas.



We’ve definitely been guilty of this during some head-down, hermit times of homeschooling.

However, incorporating nature and the outdoors into your learning is super important.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas | Benefits of Being Outside

Not only can being outside improve mood, it can also help with a variety of factors.

ChildMind.org states, “most of the studies agree that kids who play outside are smarter, happier, more attentive, and less anxious than kids who spend more time indoors.”

Need some ways to get your outdoor classroom space started? Check out these awesome ideas and get started ASAP!

7 CRAZY AMAZING Outdoor Classroom Ideas to Rock Your Homeschooling

7 CRAZY AMAZING Outdoor Classroom Ideas to Rock Your Homeschooling

Outdoor Classroom Ideas #1: The Mother of All Outdoor Lounging Swings

outdoor classroom furniture hanging lounger
Image: Kodama

OK. I’m just going to put it right out there as the number one thing all of us need in an outdoor learning space: this Kodama Zome Hanging Lounge is everything I dream about for a hammock/reading/learning/hanging space.

However, it comes with a hefty price tag ($5,400 gulp), so while you’re saving those Benjamins to get one, check out the more affordable Sorbus Hammock Chair Macrame Swing.

Sorbus Hammock Chair Macrame Swing (AFFILIATE)

Outdoor Classroom Ideas #2: Outdoor Musical Wall

Outdoor musical Wall
Source: Pinterest

What kid doesn’t love to create noise  music?

That’s why adding a musical wall to your outdoor learning space is one of the best ideas ever.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas #3: Barefoot Sensory Path

outdoor sensory path
Source: Pinterest

Not only is this sensory path beautiful and functional, but it is also a great sensory learning tool to add to your outdoor space or garden.

You can get creative with the type of materials you use in the path, just mix it up for different sensory effects.

You could also add a sensory play tent that you can move around your outdoor space.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas #4: Nature Discovery Centers

build a bug hotel
Source: Pinterest

An outdoor learning space wouldn’t be complete without some nature discovery centers!

Don’t be grossed out, but this “bug hotel” is a great way for kids to learn about the outdoors and biodiversity.

It can easily be built using wood pallets of any size that will affordably help you make one large or small.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas #5: Water,  Sand, or Mud Table

outdoor mud kitchen
Source: Pinterest

What would outdoor learning be without a little water or sand or mud?

(It’s fun to get dirty, y’all!) 

My best childhood friend and I used to spend countless summer hours making mud pies when we were kids.

Incorporating a mud pie kitchen and/or water and sand table into your outdoor space will encourage creative and imaginary play.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas #6: Outdoor Obstacle Course

outdoor obstacle courses for kids
Source: Pinterest

Do you ever watch American Ninja Warrior?

(Us, too!)

Even if you don’t, obstacle courses and climbing walls are all the rage right now!

Adding some obstacle courses to your learning area is not only fun, but helps encourage exercise (without them even knowing!).

Outdoor Classroom Ideas #7: Outdoor Art Centers

make an outdoor art center
Source: Pinterest

You don’t have to confine art to the a canvas and easel indoors!

Incorporating one of these cute art centers or outdoor chalk boards to your outdoor learning area will give your budding artists plenty of inspiration from nature!


Do you have a great outdoor learning space or outdoor classroom ideas? Share it in the comments here or head over to Facebook and share a photo!





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