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34 Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Plans and Activities

34 Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Plans and Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated the third Monday of every January. But, the day has an interesting history. According to the U.S. Department of Education: King once said, ‘Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are…

Candy Cane Recipes (and Other Ways to Use Leftover Candy Canes)

14 Ways to Reuse Candy Canes

As I began the slow process of taking down our Christmas tree and putting away all of our holiday decorations, I had one thought: What am I going to do with all of these leftover candy canes? (I don’t…

Is homeschooling and virtual public school the same?

Homeschooling versus Schooling at Home

Part of this post is an excerpt from It’s Homeschooling, Not Solitary Confinement: Busting the Myths, Misconceptions, and Misinformation About Homeschooling. So you’re at a crossroads? Maybe you’re just starting out on a homeschool journey, or maybe your kids have…

How to Take a Homeschool Winter Break

Take a Homeschool Winter Break

Winter vacation is always a special time to me! Not only do I love this time of year, I love the time away from school to get refreshed, refocused, and have fun. Being a teacher and mother all wrapped into one is hard. There are days…