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Foreign Language Immersion While Unschooling

Foreign Language Immersion While Unschooling

When people think of unschooling Spanish, French, or another language, I think many turn to foreign language immersion as their first idea. What could be more natural than learning a second language the way you learned your first language,…

What Is Unschooling (and Is It Legal)?

What Is Unschooling?

If you are interested in homeschooling or new to homeschooling, you probably hear the word unschooling from time to time. You may be wondering what that unschool lifestyle is all about, or even if it’s an option for your…

Lessons Learned Homeschooling While Traveling the United States

Life Lessons from Homeschooling in an RV

We dabbled in homeschool a few weeks before we hit the road. We’d never done it before. Sure, we read to the girls at bedtime and took them to the library and helped the eldest with homework, but homeschooling…

Unschooling Doesn't Work (At Least Not the Way You Think)

Unschooling Doesn’t Work the Way You Think

There is no rule book or “particular way of unschooling.” So, if you are looking for that, you are going to be very disappointed.  That doesn’t mean there is no order, rhyme or reason, or way for you to…