12 Road Trip Activities For Saving Your Sanity

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So, you’re looking for fun things to do in the car on a road trip? No matter how great a road trip vacation with the family sounds, there will be a point where you will all get on each other’s nerves.(It’s okay, it happens to the best of us.) The best way to lessen the amount of, “Don’t make me pull this car over!” threats or child sacrifices, is to be prepared.

We’ve put together a list of the best, kid-friendly road trip activities — from toddler to 10 year old’s to teens and beyond. Check it out! (You can thank us later.)

Fun Family Ideas for Long Road Trips

RubberNeckers (affiliate)

1. Rubberneckers: Everyone’s Favorite Travel Game

Rubberneckers is, hands-down, our favorite family travel game. We’ve been playing this road trip game for years, since our oldest daughters were young. It’s part scavenger hut/I Spy and part double dog dare you. Some of the cards have you searching for items (a weathervane, a soft drink on a sign) or perform a dare like waving to the car in the next lane with your foot. Points are assigned for the person who performs the dare or spots the item.

If you have multiple cars, buy a couple of games to keep in each car. We keep it in the car at all times in the event that we get stuck in traffic or decide to do an impromptu day trip. It’s been a sanity saver on more than one occasion!

LISTED AGE RANGE: 3-12 years (but the older kids and adults enjoy it just as much)


2. 50 Road Trip Games

50 Road Trip Games (AFFILIATE)50 Road Trip Games is exactly what it sounds like: 50 games you can play on the road.

There are 50 total cards and each card has a different game that you can play while traveling in a car, plane, train, (boat, rickshaw, whatever).

Some of the games need minor accessories, like notebooks and pencils.

LISTED AGE RANGE: 4 years and up


3. License Plate Travel Sticker Book

My License Plate Travel Book (affiliate)No matter how old you are, you’ve probably played the “Spot the License Plate” game while traveling. (Heck, when I was a kid that and some books was all we had…) And, it’s still fun for all ages today!

Grab a set of these License Plate Travel Sticker Books and you can keep the whole car entertained for hours. Up the ante by offering a special prize (like this cool Thinking Putty) to the one who fills their book first with the included stickers for each state.

For the older kids, this book also has a place to write the capital of the state — a little something extra to keep the older kids occupied.

LISTED AGE RANGE: 3 years and up


4. Travel Bingo Game

I’m a sucker for travel bingo just because of the sheer simplicity of it. Not only can multiple people of any age play, but you don’t need anything else! Flip the flaps when you find the item and it keeps track of your bingo play. Super easy!

This Melissa & Doug pack has multiple cards (like vehicles, town, country, etc.) so that your travelers won’t easily get bored with, “We’ve done these before!” There are also other other travel bingo options out there that are just as cool.



Mad Libs on the Road-a perfect trip game! (AFFILIATE)5. Mad Libs

Look, no one can ever go wrong with Mad Libs, no matter the age. Remember them? They’re the stories where you blindly input nouns, verbs, colors, etc. into blank spaces and then you read the stories with your words, which ends up being quite funny.

The great thing about Mad Libs is that they can work for ages preschool and up as long as you have someone who can read or write (um, like you). Instead of asking a preschooler for a verb, you can ask them for a word with someone doing something.

Mad Libs Junior geared toward ages Kindergarten-3rd grade (AFFILIATE)Check out these fun Mad Libs for your trip:

Mad Libs on the Road
Vacation Fun Mad Libs
Super Silly Mad Libs Junior
Summer Fun Mad Libs Junior
Goofy Mad Libs
Unicorns, Mermaids, and Mad Libs

LISTED AGE RANGE: Kindergarten and up


6. Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas

Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas: Maps, Activities, Games (AFFILIATE)Here’s your chance to sneak some learning in while traveling and still have fun. This awesome National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas offers maps, games, activities and more to keep the kiddos busy.

According to the product description, “This book includes easy-to-read, simple road maps of each state and Washington, D.C., and a map of the United States. State symbols, cool things to do, boredom busters, fun facts, wacky roadside attractions, and games accompany the maps and provide engaging information with stunning photographs that will keep kids engaged for hours.”

LISTED AGE RANGE: 8-12 years


Boredom Buster Games for the Road (AFFILIATE)7. Boredom Buster Book

Boredom Buster is a book full of different activities for a span of different ages. There are also solo activities as well as group activities. The book includes word games, memory games, board games, and much more.

LISTED AGE RANGE: 5-12 years



Wikki Stix Lil Travel Set (AFFILIATE)8. Wikki Stix Lil’ Traveler Playset

If your kids are creators, they’ll love this Wikki Stix Lil’ Traveler Playset. Wikki Stix are a little like pipe cleaners that you can bend into shapes and create whatever growing minds can imagine.

This playset is awesome because not only does it come with the Wikki Stix and board activities for the Stix, but it also comes with a tidy little carrying case — a must to keep your travel area neat and organized. (You know, in between all the juice boxes and food wrappers.)

There’s also the Wikki Stix Traveler Playset Craft Kit with its own travel case.



"Mom, I'm Bored" Activity Book (AFFILIATE)9. “Mom, I’m Bored” Activity Book

The “Mom, I’m Bored” Activity Book has different activities like puzzles, drawing, designing, and more — 22 different activities in all. The great thing about this book is that it’s made of glossy, wipe-off cards with a dry eraser marker included. That means it can be used over and over again and shared between different kids.



Travel Magnetic Board Games (AFFILIATE)10. Magnetic Board Games

Magnetic Board Games can be life savers. The pieces and board are magnetic, so they stick to each other even in the bumpiest conditions. This Magnetic Board Games Set comes with 12 board game choices like Checkers, Chess, Chinese checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Backgammon, Snakes & Ladders, Solitaire, NineMen’s Morris, Auto Racing, Ludo, Space Venure and Racing and might just be the ultimate in must-have magnetic travel board games!

LISTED AGE RANGE: 6 years and up


11. Travel Art Kit

If you spend money buying each kid a new thing for the road trip, make sure it’s an art kit like this Crayola Art Tools Kit that comes with markers, paper, and a storage case with a carrying handle. Plus, when you shut the case, it makes a nice little desk.

The best part is the versatility and that it can be be used for solitary, quiet creating time, or for group games like tic-tac-toe, hangman and more.

LISTED AGE RANGE: Preschool and up


12. Book Bag

If all else fails, put together a book bag for each of the kids. Include some paper and crayons, but also some new (surprise) books for them to read.

Check out some of the popular books for different age levels:

Picture Books

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

I Wish You More

The Pout-Pout Fish

Early Readers

Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set (Step into Reading)

National Geographic Readers: Caterpillar to Butterfly

The Frog and Toad Collection Box Set

Chapter Books

Stink: The Super-Incredible Collection

Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book Box Set

Super Rabbit Boy Powers Up! A Branches Book


13 Little Blue Envelopes

Smile and Sisters: The Box Set

Geekerella: A Fangirl Fairy Tale


Do you have a favorite road trip sanity saver? Share it in the comments!


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