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free typing for beginners

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Let’s face it, your kid needs to learn typing. And, the earlier you start during their schooling, the better. (You know, before they cement their keyboarding skills with pesky texting habits.)

When I was a kid (back when we had to walk up hill both ways with no shoes to school), we sat in a classroom full of whirring electric typewriters and everyone looked at a spiral-bound book and we all typed what we saw on the page.

It was loud.


Hail to the Electronic Typewriter!

That’s how we learned typing. IN HIGH SCHOOL.

Get a tablet for homeschooling (AFFILIATE)Today, kids start using keyboards, laptops, and those awesome tablets just for kids at very early ages. And, I have been worried about my daughter developing poor keyboarding skills. So, I decided that this year in homeschooling we were going to add typing lessons to our curriculum.

If you’re looking to add typing (now called keyboarding) to your child’s learning, you don’t have to pay big bucks to do this. There are plenty of free options online now. Here area some of the ones we found.

(Special shout out to the Homeschool Super Freak Squad for providing input on what they use!)

11 Free Typing Games for Kids and Beginner Typing Lessons

The good news is that typing today is FUN! Many of the lessons are presented in a game-like format to keep kids engaged. (The bad news is that there is no loud whirring of the electronic typewriter and no sound of the keys hitting the page. But whatever.)

Here are some learn how to type games and also some typing lessons for kids:

Dance Mat Typing

Learn How to Touch Type

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Touch Typing Finger Chart

Free Typing Tutor

Keyboarding Games

Kidztype: Fun to Type Free Keyboarding Games

Free Typing Game

Turtle Diary

Slime Kids Typing Games

Nitro Type

Keyboard Climber

If you are looking for some additional keyboarding resources, check out these (paid) books and lessons:

Computer Keyboarding for Beginners (AFFILIATE) Mastering Computer Typing (AFFILIATE) Typing Instructor for Kids (AFFILIATE)

affiliate links are used in this post

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