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Let’s face it, your kid needs to learn typing and one of the best (and most fun ways) to do this is with typing games.

And, the earlier you start keyboarding during their schooling, the better. You know, before they cement their keyboarding skills with pesky texting habits.

There Were No Typing Games Back in the Day . . .

When I was a kid (back when we had to walk up hill both ways with no shoes to school), we sat in a classroom full of whirring electric typewriters and everyone looked at spiral-bound books and we all typed what we saw on the page.

It was loud.


This is what typing games looked like back in the day . . .

That’s how we learned typing.


WTyping Games for Kids to Learn Keyboarding / Typing

Get a tablet for homeschooling (AFFILIATE)Today, kids start using keyboards, laptops and those awesome tablets just for kids at very early ages.

And, I have to admit, I have been worried about my daughter developing poor keyboarding skills. So, I decided that this year in homeschooling we were going to add typing lessons to our curriculum.

If you’re looking to add typing (now called keyboarding) to your child’s learning, you don’t have to pay big bucks to do this. There are plenty of free options online now.

Here are some of the ones we found.

(Special shout out to the Homeschool Super Freak Squad for providing input on what they use!)

11 FREE FUN Typing Games for Kids

11 Free Typing Games for Kids (and Beginner Typing Lessons)

The good news is that typing today is FUN because your kids can learning keyboarding through online typing games!

Many of the lessons are presented in a game-like format to keep kids engaged.

(The bad news is that there is no loud whirring of the electronic typewriter and no sound of the keys hitting the page. But, whatever.)

Here are some learn how to type games and I also included some typing lessons for kids for online typing practice:

Typing Games for Kids #1: Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing is one of my daughter’s favorite typing games.

There are four different levels and it starts with learning home row keys and moving on from there.

Funny and fun characters guide your kids through the game (starting with learning finger placement) and will also keep them laughing.

Typing Games for Kids #2: Learn How to Touch Type

Learn How to Touch Type starts with reading and understanding some of the basics (including correct posture and placement of hands and wrists).

From the website:

“Touch typing is all about the idea that each finger has its own area on the keyboard. Thanks to that fact you can type without looking at the keys. Practice regularly and your fingers will learn their location on the keyboard through muscle memory.”

Also, there is a free typing test, typing tutor, typing practice and more.

You can also invite friends to online typing competitions.

This site is less game and more tutorial, so it may be better for older students or if you’re looking to measure typing skills (like speed and tests).

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Typing Games for Kids #3: Touch Typing Finger Chart

Touch Typing Finger Chart is not a typing game.

Instead, it’s a graphic that shows typing basics.

I think it’s a good typing for kids starting point to give them a visual of hand placement, keyboard layout, etc.

Typing Games for Kids #4: Typing.com

Typing.com is one of my favorite free typing sites for typing and keyboarding.

Not only does it have typing lessons for beginner, intermediate, advanced, or practice.

There are also timed tests, but the most fun are the typing games. (Of course.)

(If you like old school Space Invaders or Asteroids, check out Z Type. It drops words from the top of a starry night sky and you have to type the words before they hit the bottom. When you type the words correctly, it shoots them, like in Asteroids, and they explode. I may or may not have “tested” that game for a good 15 minutes. Ahem.)

Typing Games for Kids #5: LearningGamesForKids.com

LearningGamesForKids.com has a ton of different learning games, including an entire section on keyboarding.

There are lessons, practice, challenges, and typing games.

Typing Games for Kids #6: Kidztype: Fun to Type Free Keyboarding Games

Kidztype.com offers multiple typing games for kids.

They also list out the benefits of typing, which is an interesting read.

Typing Games for Kids #7: Free Typing Game

FreeTypingGame.net is kind of a dated looking site, but it offers sections of free typing games, free typing lessons, and free typing tests.

Once you click on a section, it expands out and offers different games (or lessons, or tests).

Typing Games for Kids #8: Turtle Diary

TurtleDiary.com has a large list of typing games.

One of my favorite parts is that you can filter them based on levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Typing Games for Kids #9: Slime Kids Typing Games

SlimeKids.com offers different typings games.

However, there are no typing lessons, tutorials, or tests. So, it’s good for games (but not for extended lessons or learning.)

Typing Games for Kids #10: Nitro Type

NitroType.com is a really interesting take on typing lessons.

It is set up as a race track and you are a (typing) race car driver.

You work through a series of typing games and “race” against others from around the world.

Pretty cool!

Typing Games for Kids #11: Keyboard Climber

TvoKids.com has a section called “Keyboard Climber.”

It is a very basic animated keyboard game.

You help a monkey climb up branches by quickly typing the letters it shows you on the bananas. As you complete the branches, you advance through the levels.

Get one wrong and a coconut bumps you on the head and drops the monkey back to the beginning of the level.

Fun for younger ones just starting to learn.

Typing and Keyboarding Books

Computer Keyboarding for Beginners (AFFILIATE) Mastering Computer Typing (AFFILIATE) Typing Instructor for Kids (AFFILIATE)




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