Discounted Laptops for Homeschool? Yes, Please!

Been searching for the best laptops for homeschool? Check out these discounted laptops for homeschool!

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Been searching for the best laptops for homeschool?

Microsoft has now defined homeschoolers as a “qualified educational user.” Why is this important? Because now non-profit organizations like Notebooks For Students (NFS) can provide deep discounts on laptops and software to be used in homeschool!

Discounted Laptops for Homeschool

Although most of the inventory is either listed as “new, box opened” or as refurbished, the laptops are still backed by the Notebooks For Students four year (!) warranty. NFS also guarantees that “Factory Refurbished and NFS Certified laptops arrive in ‘LIKE NEW’ condition.”

The laptops also come pre-loaded with a suite of software.

This is everything that comes with your homeschool laptop purchase:

free software homeschool

Here’s just one example of what they had available at the time of this post. (The inventory changes, so you may not see this exact one.)

Examples of Laptops for Homeschool

Cheap Laptops Homeschoolers

You guys, $195 for a laptop for your kiddo!

And check out this super cheap MacBook that was only $295! (It’s already sold out, as you can see.)

Cheap Macbook


And, they even have tablets!

Another great thing is that NFS will also work with groups to purchase multiple laptops at an even bigger discount. That means if you’re in a homeschool group or co-op, then you can purchase as a group and save even more!

Purchasing Best Laptops for Homeschool

Here’s what NFS lists as requirements for purchasing as a homeschooler:

Please confirm Homeschool status by providing NFS any one of the following for each family;

  • Homeschool association membership card
  • Letter or form from school district or State
  • Letter or form from umbrella Homeschool
    group or school
  • Affidavit, notice of intent or other form
  • In states that do not require documentation, draft a letter stating the State you reside in and that you homeschool. Sign and send in the letter.

Remember, the inventory changes, so if you see something you’re interested in you better grab it before it’s gone!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not tried one of these laptops yet. This was just an awesome share. But, if you’ve purchased a laptop this way before, please leave your experience in the comments. I would love to hear how it is!

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affiliate links are used in this post

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