16 Earth Day Activities for Kids

16 Earth Day Activities for Kids

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Earth Day is April 22nd each year.

The holiday started in 1970.

(Can you believe it?)

If you’re looking for Earth Day activities and lesson plans, as well as fun and creative ways to celebrate the environment, check these out!

What Is World Earth Day?

Earth Day reminds people to treat the earth and environment in a respectful way.

Watch this cute kids’ science video about this special day and helping the earth and environment:

16 Earth Day Lesson Plans, Activities, and Crafts

16 Earth Day Activities for Kids

#1: Get Earth Day Lesson Plans

EarthDay.org has free lessons plans organized for grade levels K through 12 and teaches kids about the climate.

Also check out these lessons:

Celebrate Earth Day  (grades 5-8)

Endangered Ecosystems (K-12)

Green Curricula and Environmental Learning Activities

Conserving Water through Art! (K-4)

Healthy Earth, Sick Earth (K-5)

Comparing Light Bulbs (K-8)

Build a Pizza Box Solar Oven (K-12)

#2: Read The Story of Climate Change Interactive Book

Earth Day Activities | FREE Story of Climate Change Interactive Book

Download The Story of Climate Change, a free interactive textbook for grades 5 through 8, from iTunes.

The Earth Day Network describes the book as:

“The Story of Climate Change is the first interactive iTextbook for middle school students. It is a new, active way of learning through multimedia to connect students beyond pages and vocabulary words into the practical applications of climate science. Each of the iTextbook’s six chapters includes informative videos, fun interactive resources, critical thinking activities, as well as review and discussion questions to reinforce unit concepts. Keep students in tune with the latest climate science and research.”

#3: Decorate Bags for Stores

Earth Day Activities | The Earth Day Groceries Project

The Earth Day Groceries Project is a great way to get the local stores involved (especially if you have a homeschool group or a troop or co-op).

First, you get a store to provide brown bags to you.

Then, the kids decorate them with Earth Day pictures and messages and return them to the store to be used to bag customers’ groceries on Earth Day.

(Cool, right?)

#4: Make Biodegradable Plant Pots

Earth Day Activities | Make Biodegradable Plant Pots

Planting seeds is a fun and educational way to talk about Earth Day!

These cute biodegradable pots are a perfect project for the day because you are using recycled materials to make the pot and then they can be planted right into the ground when your plants are ready!

#5. Bake Earth Day Cupcakes

Earth Day Cupcakes Pinterest

[Image: Pinterest]

Baking projects are always fun, right?

These super cute cupcakes are perfect paired with the biodegradable craft pots project we mentioned in #4!

#6: Discuss the How Long Until It’s Gone? Chart

Earth Day | A cigarette butt takes 1-5 years to decompose!

This How Long Until It’s Gone? chart covers estimated decomposition rates of things thrown into our waterways.

It’s a crazy eye-opener as well as a conversation starter covering how long it takes for every day items to decompose like:

• A cigarette butt takes 1-5 years to decompose!

• Disposable diapers take 450 years to decompose!

#7: Host an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Host an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Get the kids outside and moving with this fun scavenger hunt!

I love this scavenger hunt because not only does it get the kids outside and exploring nature, but it also provides opportunities for discussion.

(If the weather is uncooperative, try out this online scavenger hunt.)

#8: Play a Recycling Game

Earth Day Activities | Play a Recycle Game

A fun way to help the environment is to play a recycling game.

This recycling game gets the kids outside and also helps them understand the importance of recycling.

(If you want to help prep the kids before they head out, have them play this online recycling game.)

Another “game” you can play is to pick up trash in your local park. (Be sure that everyone wears work gloves!) Take different bags for different items–trash, plastic recyclables, glass, etc. You’ll be getting exercise, learning about recycling, and helping the environment!

#9: Make a Stained Glass Earth

If you’re ready to get crafty, try out this tissue paper stained glass earth:






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