Make a Back to Homeschool Cone (Schultute)

Back to School Cone (german)

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First day of homeschool ideas: Make a schultute!

A few years ago my friend from Germany told me about a cool back-to-school German tradition: the schultüte.

A schultüte (shool-too-tuh) is a large cone (think of the shape of a snow cone cup) that is filled with lots of back-to-school goodies like pencils, crayons, treats, chocolates, toys, books and more to celebrate a child’s first day of school.

And, when I say large cone, I mean really large. When my friend showed me the picture of her daughter’s schultüte in Germany, it was almost as large as her! Some information says that the cones are about three feet tall in Germany! (How fun!)

After my friend shared her stories and pictures with me, I knew that I had to make a schultüte for my daughter’s back to homeschool. Of course, you can buy schultüte, which is helpful if you have a large homeschool group you want to give them to, but the most fun is to make them!

I didn’t make mine as large as the traditional German cones, but I made them big enough to include some fun stuff.

This is a great way to make back to homeschool fun and how to make the first day of school special!

How To Make a Schultüte First Day of School Cone

Buy colored tulle rolls (AFFILIATE)

For Each Schultüte You’ll Need:

Colored poster board (thin, not the thick board)


Clear tape (packing tape works well)

Colored tissue paper or colored tulle


Stickers and embellishments (for decorating the outside of the cone)

Items to fill the cone like: crayons, pens, pencils, books, funky socks, chocolates, treats, toys (or whatever fun things you would like to include in your schultüte)



1. Place the poster board on a flat surface in front of you, with the shorter width side at the bottom.

2. Starting in the right lower corner, roll the poster board from the lower corner toward the top corner to form a cone. Holding the cone, release it a little so that it unrolls (just a little, not all the way) to make the inside part of the cone larger. (It may take a couple of practice rolls to achieve this). Secure the seam on the outside with clear tape.

NOTE: Don’t worry that the top is not even.

3. Cut the top (open end) of the cone straight across so that the top is even.

4. Decorate the outside of the cone with stickers, embellishments, writings, or drawings. Set cone aside.

5. For the top of the schultüte:  Take a piece of tissue paper or tulle (depending on the size of your cone, it may take two pieces of tissue paper or a longer piece of tulle). Tape the tissue paper or tulle around the inside of the cone, about one inch down from the top, all the way around the cone. When you are finished, you will have a piece of tissue paper (or tulle) sticking out of the top of the cone and the top of the tissue paper or tulle will be open.

6. Crumple a piece of tissue paper or tulle and stuff it into the bottom of the cone. Then, place the items (pens, pencils, socks, candy, etc.) inside the cone on top of the crumpled tissue paper/tulle, taking care not to rip the tissue or tulle that you taped around the top. Pack the cone all the way to the top of the tissue paper or tulle, leaving about two inches at the top to tie with a ribbon.

7. Gather the top of the tissue paper/tulle and finish the project by tying a ribbon around the top to close it. (See picture above.)

Give to your homeschooler on their first day to enjoy!

Make It a Germany Homeschool Study Unit!

Get the GERMANY FOR KIDS book (AFFILIATE)This is also a fun project to make with the kids!

One year, I made one for my daughter and then we spent time talking about Germany, German tradition, and Germany For Kids. My daughter then made some small schultüte for her friends.

(You can even make some for kids in a family shelter as a volunteer project!)

Snap a pic of your schultüte after you make it and then share it over on our Facebook page! We would love to see it!

affiliate links are used in this post

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