Lessons Learned Homeschooling While Traveling the United States

Life Lessons from Homeschooling in an RV

We dabbled in homeschool a few weeks before we hit the road. We’d never done it before. Sure, we read to the girls at bedtime and took them to the library and helped the eldest with homework, but homeschooling…

Advantages of Using Flashcards

Fun Flashcard Study Strategies

When our oldest child attended school she came home many evenings with lists of words or stacks of flash cards to practice. I learned to dread the little evening rituals of recitation. For one reason, she dreaded it immensely herself, and for another reason the facts never seem to stick regardless…

10 Homeschool Myths Debunked

10 Homeschooling Myths Debunked

Us Homeschool Moms seem to have these random myths or stigmas attached to us that I’d like to clear up. Granted, I am almost into year three of my homeschool tenure, so I am not a guide by any…

Homeschooling U.S. Winter Olympic Athletes

Famous Pyeongchang Olympic Athletes Who Were Homeschooled

Have you been watching the Olympics? (So fun, right?) One of the things that I always find interesting for big events like this is learning who the homeschooled athletes are because, well, it’s just another way to get the…