Family Emergency Prep Tips

Family Emergency Prep and Tips For Creating A Home Emergency Plan, Making Disaster Supply Kits, and Emergency Preparedness with Kids

Family Emergency Prep: Different steps you can take to help your family be prepared for emergencies, how to create an emergency plan, survival items for home, and how to help kids through disasters. Create your own family emergency preparedness kit with these tips!

Tips For Creating A Home Emergency Plan

How do you prepare for a family emergency?

  1. Get the entire family involved in prepping for emergencies.
  2. Use special children’s books and disaster preparation lesson plans to help kids through difficult topics.
  3. List any special needs that your family may have that may be hard during an emergency (special medications, dietary needs, special equipment that needs power, pet needs, baby needs, etc.).
  4. Print a family PDF disaster plan and complete it.
  5. Create an emergency go bag for each member of the family and an emergency kit for each car.
  6. Make copies of all important identification and papers (insurance, etc.) and keep them in waterproof containers in everyone’s emergency bag.

*Don’t miss the full family emergency preparedness plan example activities and more tips for creating a home emergency plan below!

What is the importance of having a family emergency preparedness plan?

It’s important to have an emergency prep plan so that everyone in the family knows what to do before and emergency, during and emergency, and after an emergency. Laying out a preparedness plan can help keep everyone safe during an emergency or disaster.

What should be included in a family emergency plan?

  1. All family names and photos of each family member.
  2. Contact information of each family member.
  3. What to do for each type of emergency (weather, fire, chemical spill, civil unrest, especially if you live in the city, etc.).
  4. What to do before, during, and after each type of emergency.
  5. A meetup destination point if the family gets separated during an emergency event.
  6. Where the emergency backpacks will be stored and when to use them.
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Guide To Emergency Prep For Parents

Helping Kids Cope with Emergencies, Tragedies and Disasters

  • Talking To Your Kids About Scary Weather and Natural Disasters
  • How To School At Home During Emergencies
  • How To Create 72-Hour Emergency Go Bags (full list)
  • Social Distancing and Safety
  • Stuck At Home Activities for Kids

Family Emergency Checklist, Activities and Preparedness Information

Emergency Preparedness Lessons

emergency preparedness lesson plans for kids preschooler coloring firemans hat on floor

Disaster preparedness activities for students, emergency preparedness activities for preschoolers, emergency preparedness games for scouts, and youth preparing lesson plans.


How To Make Emergency Go Backpacks

Preparing An Emergency Go Bag mom and daughter packing a 72 hour backpack

How to get your family prepared for an emergency with 72-hour bags (or kids survival kit / children’s emergency backpack / baby emergency kit / toddler emergency kit / student kit.


Helping Kids With Scary Current Events

Age Appropriate News and Scary Current Events for Kids young child with hands over face with mother comforting them

How to talk with children’s feelings in mind about things going on in the news and world or when kids are struggling with current events, world news questions, and current events.

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Helping Kids Cope During Emergencies

Helping Kids Cope

FREE coping skills worksheet pack! How to help a child after a traumatic event or and how to help a child in crisis. Feeling safe and being safe during public health disasters, natural disasters, weather storms, public health emergencies and more.


Best Remote Learning Tips & Tricks for Parents

Remote Learning Tips for Parents and students caucasian teen male lying on stomach on floor working on laptop and writing in notebook for a remote learning class

Stuck learning at home during emergencies? We have distance learning tips for working parents and homeschooling parents to help kids become successful with e-learning and online homeschool programs.


Learning About Weather Disaster For Kids

Weather for Kids

How to help kids cope with emergency weather situations and extreme weather for kids. Weather resources including worksheets, weather lesson plans and weather experiments,  weather facts and how to explain climate and weather.


Power Outage Fun With Kids

Power Outage Fun With Kids (What can I do at home without electricity?) two kids under a blanket in the dark reading a book with flashlights

Whether you’re stuck in a winter storm or you find power off for whatever reason, here’s how to stay entertained during a power outage and get your kids’ minds off the emergency situation!


Snow Day Survival Kit Ideas

Snow Day Survival Kit Ideas white basket with gingerbread cookie and snowy day treats

Snow day survival kit ideas or winter ideas when stuck inside can help keep kids calm during emergencies. Plan ahead for snow day activities or even power outages at home.


Help Community From Home

Help Community During Emergencies

Unique ways to help community, inspire kids volunteering, and get your kids involved during emergency situations and tough times and how can students help the community/give back.


Homemade Cleaner Recipes

Homemade Cleaner

Homemade household cleaner / all purpose homemade cleaner can help fight germs and clean house so viruses and bacteria illnesses don’t spread or so you can make your own cleaners during emergencies and even to save money.


Pandemic vs Epidemic Lesson Plans

Pandemic vs Epidemic Lessons

Learning about pandemic vs epidemic lessons, STEM lessons, projects and epidemic classroom activity that differentiate between an epidemic and a pandemic, describe epidemics and pandemics in biology science.


Best Social Distancing Tips

Social Distancing During Pandemics

Thought you knew it all? We’re breaking down social distance vs quarantine vs isolation and even social distancing strategies to help keep your kids safe during emergencies and disasters without losing their minds.


Helping Kids Connect

Keep Kids Connected

Try these tips for when kids are stuck at home and can’t leave the house—online playdate ideas for digital time to reconnect kids with friends! Keeping kids connected with friends and social even from a distance with online kids’ activities and virtual playdates is an important boost to mental health!


Stuck At Home Ideas

Things To Do When Stuck At Home with Kids (fun things to do with kids at home)

Need things to do when stuck at home or you have stuck at home bored kids? Here are unique kids activities and family activities at home, stuck at home resources, ways to entertain kids inside, and what to do when stuck at home and bored and fun things to do at home!


Snow Day Ideas

mother and daughter making snow angels and fun Snow Day Activities

Fun Snow Day Activities For Kids Stuck At Home and What To Do On A Snowy Day: A snow day with kids doesn’t have to be a stressful time stuck at home inside! Check out these ideas for winter activities and how to make use of snow with indoor and outdoor fun!


FREE Winter Emergency Checklist

empty shelves food shortages

How to prepare for winter shortages, snow emergencies, winter storm or power outage, or planning for food shortages at winter time. Includes: free emergency winter checklist.


We hope these tips for creating a home emergency plan and activities for emergencies were helpful!