10 Kindness Project Ideas

10 Kindness Project Ideas for Kids

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If you’re looking for a way to teach empathy and encourage your child to help others, consider adding some kindness project ideas to your learning!

Kindness is important to talk about with your kids. In this day and age of instant online feedback and nonstop bullying, it doesn’t hurt to spend some time on these topics during your lessons.

It can be so helpful as a life lesson!

For example, did you know that helping others can actually make your child (and you!) happier and improve self-esteem?

So, What Is Kindness? | Define Kindness

Kindness is defined as, “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.”

(So simple, right?)

Color Your World With Kindness Video

This is a fantastic video to share with your kids to help illustrate the concept of kindness and the effects of the “pay it forward” mentality:

Random Acts of Kindness Week (And Other Kindness Dates)

There are several kindness dates observed throughout the year:

World Kindness Day: November 13

Random Acts of Kindness Day: Friday After Thanksgiving (“Black Friday”)

Random Acts of Kindness Week: One Week Every February

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a special day to do any of these kindness project ideas, but you should mark them on your calendar and plan to celebrate those days, too!


Pay It Forward | How to Be Kind?

We may tell our kids things like, “Be kind!” or “Pay it forward!”

But, how do we teach our kids how to be kind?

If you’re stuck on where to get kindness project ideas, start with this random acts of kindness video for inspiration:

We’ve also put together an awesomely fun list of things you can do with your kids to celebrate kindness!

Remember, one simple act of kindness can change a person’s life! (And, isn’t that a great thing to teach kids?)

10 Kindness Project Ideas for Kids

Kindness Project Ideas | Acts of Kindness for Kids

1. Create a Kindness Jar

Create a kindness jar together by discussing different things that your family can do for others. Place the ideas that you all come up with into a jar.

Then, use the kindness jar throughout the month to perform small acts of kindness.

Each person can draw an act of kindness out of the jar for the week or month, and then perform the kindness listed.

2. Fill an “Amazing Box”

Think someone is amazing? (Or, several someones?)

Print out this pillow box template, assemble it, and then fill it with small treats or trinkets and deliver it to a friend, mentor, or family member.

Don’t forget to have the kids write a note about why they think the person is amazing.

If you want to do a kindness project on a larger scale, have them deliver the Amazing Boxes to shelter kids or to a nursing home.

3. Make a Kindness Chain

You know those old-fashioned paper chains? Elevate those babies into an ongoing kindness project!

Each time you or the kids witness (or do) a kindness, write it on a slip of paper and add it to the paper chain.

At the end of the school year (or whatever time you specify), you’ll have a document of all the cool things that the kids did for others (or that were done for them)!

4. Create a “Color Me Kind” Page

Download this awesome kindness coloring page and then let the kids get creative.

While coloring, discuss the topic of kindness.

5. Hand Out Compliment Cards

Print out these free compliment cards and then have fun decorating them.

After, let your kids hand them out to neighbors, friends, family members, or even strangers at the library or grocery store.

6. Decorate Kindness Stones

Another fun kindness project idea is to paint gratitude stones (kindness stones).

Grab some stones from outside (or get them here) and paints or markers.

Decorate the stones and then write kind words on each one — like happy, smile, peace, love, dance, you matter, live/life/love, pay it forward, etc.

The kids can then leave them in surprise places, like on the playground, in the park, on the hiking trail, and more.

Just think about the smile they will cause when people find this little surprise!

7. Make a Kindness Flower

Using the flower idea found here, make a kindness hand flower.

After placing the handprint on the paper, let it dry and then write “Kindness” on the palm.

In each flower, write ways to be kind (or, maybe ways someone has been kind to the kids).

You can keep the kindness hand flower or give it to a friend or family member.

8. Incorporate Kindness Into Your Studies

Grab these free kindness lesson plans for your studies:

Keep Kindness Going

Random Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

RAK Foundation

9. Volunteer

Volunteering and community involvement is an important part of living a healthy life.

According to The Positive Psychlopedia:

A 2001 study found that regular volunteering increases happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, and sense of control over life. And it works for young and old alike: black inner-city teens who tutor younger children have more positive attitudes toward the self, others, their education, and the future; and elderly people who volunteer are more satisfied with life.

Giving back to your community or to a cause teaches kids how to get involved and also can give them a new perspective about others. (Not to mention, it looks great on college or job applications!)

But, volunteering just seems like such a  . . . commitment, right?

It doesn’t have to be!

You can find one-time (or even once per month, etc.) causes to get involved in by checking out VolunteerMatch.org.

Helping others, after all, is the ultimate kindness!

10. Read About Kindness | Kindness Books for Kids

Read books about kindness and then spend some time discussing the message from each book.

Need some inspiration? Check these out:

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed (affiliate)
Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed

The Invisible Boy (affiliate)
The Invisible Boy

Kindness Is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler

Harry The Happy Mouse: Teaching Children To Be Kind To Each Other. (affiliate)
Harry The Happy Mouse: Teaching Children To Be Kind To Each Other.

Kindness Counts: A Story for Teaching Random Acts of Kindness (Without Limits) (affiliate)
Kindness Counts: A Story for Teaching Random Acts of Kindness (Without Limits)

What Does It Mean To Be Kind? (affiliate)
What Does It Mean To Be Kind?





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