8 REAL Ways to Make Extra Money While Homeschooling

make money homeschooling

If you’re like our family, you are probably always  looking for ways to save (or make) extra money while homeschooling.

So, how can you make a little extra cash (or save more) so that you can contribute to family finances while homeschooling?

The first thing you probably want to do is stay away from multilevel marketing (MLM) products. They sometimes take an initial cash investment and can also be very time consuming building your network, hosting parties, and selling to your family and friends. (Think: Scentsy, LulaRoe, Mary Kay, doTERRA, Posh, Beachbody, Rodan & Fields, Pampered Chef, etc.) We’re interested in a more guaranteed way of making money or places where you can create something on your own schedule and then make passive income.

NOTE: This is not a slam against multi-level marketing companies nor am I saying that people don’t make money at those. But, for the purpose of this post, we are looking for less time consuming ventures that still allow plenty of time for homeschooling. If you’re interested in MLM ventures as a way of making money, check out a list here.

The next thing to remember is to choose something that works with your schedule. You don’t want to add a lot of time commitment to your already tight schedule between homeschooling and other family stuff!


Lastly, look for something you enjoy. If you love helping others, check out being a virtual assistant where you can choose assignments on your own timeframe. If you’re more creative, look into selling your crafts or photos. You definitely do not want to make yourself miserable by doing something you hate to make extra money.

Best Ways to Make Extra Money And Still Give You Time to Homeschool

1. ‘Sell’ Textbooks on Amazon

Amazon allows you to sell books, so it might be a great way to get rid of your old homeschool books you’re not using any longer and make some money at the same time. Also, you can trade in some textbooks and get gift cards back in exchange!

2. Shop Money-Back Sites

When shopping online, use sites that give you cash back or gift cards just by shopping your normal online stuff.

Check out:







3. Hire Out Your Work

BH (Before Homeschooling) what did you do? Were you in the corporate world? Did you write proposals? Did you volunteer at the church helping out in the office? Are you a blogger? Do you like to draw and illustrate? Check out these websites that allow you to use your talents and make money from clients on your own time:



4. Sell Your Photos

Do you love taking photos? (Let me guess, you have a million on your phone? Yep! So do I!) Have people told you that your photos are good, or do they speak to others? Did you know that there are sites where you can sell your photos? (I know! Make money by doing something cool!) Check out:



500px Prime

SmugMug (Pro)

Etsy (Etsy is known for being a craft site, but you can sell your photos on there, too!)

5. Turn Your Crafts Into Cash

Are you a crafty person? Or, do you like to create art that is perfect for t-shirts, mugs, and more? Try:




These sites are great because there is no upfront cost and once you set up your store, you can make passive income — or income that comes in when you do basically nothing (or spend minimal time each week) after the initial set up.


6. Test Out Apps or Watch Videos

Are you a techie type? You’ll love this one, then. You can get paid for testing out websites, phone apps, and for even watching videos. (For real.)

Check out:



7. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking to help others with their business or have always wanted to try out being a personal assistant, check out:



8. Be a Tutor

What better way to use your homeschool skills than to make money tutoring or giving lessons (like piano)? Advertise that you’re a tutor in Facebook homeschooling groups or post on sites like Care.com.


Do you have a way that you’re making money while homeschooling? Leave it in the comments to help out others!


Disclaimer: Before you sign up for any site or MLM company, please thoroughly research the site and claims. These sites are provided here for informational purposes only and HomeschoolSuperFreak.com cannot be responsible for actions on those sites.

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