Homeschool 5 Freebies for Friday

5 Freebies for Friday

We’re super excited!Β  Every Friday, we will be sending you our brand new 5 Freebies for Friday Homeschool Newsletter! Each week, we’ll cover a different theme that gives you freeΒ printables forΒ homeschool, or freeΒ curriculum, or free books, or free online…

free typing for beginners

Best Free Typing Lessons for Kids

Let’s face it, your kid needs to learn typing. And, the earlier you start during their schooling, the better. (You know, before they cement their keyboarding skills with pesky texting habits.) When I was a kid (back when we…

FREE Halloween Printables Worksheets

Free Halloween Coloring Pages and Printables

October can be such a fun time in your homeschooling studies, right? There are so many things you can do during this time! It’s a perfect time to take a nature hike and journal about what you learned. you…

Official Halloween Candy of Homeschoolers

Funny Homeschool Memes | Official Halloween Candy

[hover over middle of image to share] Homeschool Humor : Official Halloween Candy of Homeschoolers SMARTIES: The official homeschooling candy (for obvious reasons). SEE MORE FUNNY HOMESCHOOLING MEMES AND QUOTES Facebook Comments…