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The holidays are such a great time of year, but it can be super hectic to fit in all the learning that needs to happen between the excitement, the sugar, and the crazy schedules. One way that you can get in some end-of-year learning is to incorporate movies into your studies. Doing a watch-and-learn unit is a way to give you a break, but it also changes up the schedule enough to keep the interest of the kids.

Get a Charlie Brown Christmas (AFFILIATE)One of my favorite holiday movies is A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s such an awesome reminder of a season of giving and has many great discussion points. This makes it a fantastic watch-and-learn option for the holidays.

One of the things that inspired me to look up Charlie Brown lessons and activities is that my daughter is obsessed with Charlie Brown. If you’re looking for some great Charlie Brown Christmas ideas, too,  check these out:

Charlie Brown Christmas Ideas

Charlie Brown Christmas Lesson Plans

FirstStage.org has a fantastic Charlie Brown Christmas Enrichment Guide that covers a whole range of learning items for the movie (from math to crafts to service projects and more). It’s definitely one of my favorite finds for incorporating a Charlie Brown Christmas movie into learning.


Get Charlie Brown Christmas coloring pages

Do a Christmas Tree STEM challenge

Linus True Meaning of Christmas Lessons

If you’re looking for Bible-based learning to pair with your Charlie Brown Christmas movie, start with Linus and his speech from Luke 2:4-14:

Also check out:

Perform Linus speech from Luke 2:8-14

Welcoming the Baby Jesus lesson plan

Story of Jesus Birth printable book

Advent coloring book

Birth of Jesus, foretold by Mary

Teaching through the Nativity

Music of Charlie Brown Christmas

Get the music of Charlie Brown Christmas (AFFILIATE)The music of A Charlie Brown Christmas is something that almost all of us recognize. It can also be a great part of learning for this unit!

Learn about Vince Guaraldi

Listen to Behind Guaraldi’s Timeless Holiday Soundtrack

Learn more about the art and music of Charlie Brown Christmas

Read about the music of Charlie Brown Christmas

Read about the musicians of the Charlie Brown Christmas

Play the Piano music of Charlie Brown Christmas (affiliate)

Charlie Brown Christmas Crafts

Get Charlie Brown Christmas Wrapper Paper Activity Book (AFFILIATE)

Learn how to draw Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Make your own Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Make snowflakes

Make a Christmas Charlie Brown and Snoopy 

Do A Charlie Brown Christmas Wrapping Paper Activity

Charlie Brown Christmas Party Ideas

Want to host your own Charlie Brown Christmas movie party? (Because, who wouldn’t?) Here are some fun ways you can incorporate the Charlie Brown movie and/or book theme into a party for your class, friends, co-op, or family!

Have a Charlie Brown Christmas Dance Party where everyone has to assume the dance of one of the Peanut’s gang:

Make Charlie Brown Muddy Buddies

Get Peanuts Christmas Treat Boxes (AFFILIATE)

Top your snack bags with Charlie Brown inspired bag toppers

Make Charlie Brown-ies

Make Charlie Brown marshmallow pops

Get Charlie Brown Christmas plates (affiliate)

Get Peanuts Holiday Treat Boxes (affiliate)

Charlie Brown Christmas Books, Music, and Movies

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Get A Charlie Brown Christmas Book (AFFILIATE) Get Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales (AFFILIATE) Get I Want A Dog for Christmas (AFFILIATE)
Get 40 Years of a Charlie Brown Christmas (AFFILIATE) Get Charlie Brown Christmas Collection (AFFILIATE) Get Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown (AFFILIATE)

affiliate links are used in this post

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